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Fendi Names Zoey Deutch as Their Peekaboo Ambassador

Zoey Deutch shows off her favorite bag in the new Fendi Peekaboo campaign

“To me, Fendi means elegance, craftsmanship, and style. I think Fendi makes clothes for women who want to be in charge yet be able to loosen up with a joyful, ironic attitude… And that’s exactly the kinda gal I am.,” says Zoey Deutch, Fendi’s newest ambassador of the first Peekaboo campaign

Today Fendi is launching their worldwide Peekaboo bag campaign featuring Zoey Deutch. The new Peekaboo made its debut at on the Fendi fall/winter runway presentation, featuring a new accordion-frame shape that opens to show a ‘smile’ with inside pockets. All characteristics of the inside pockets are interchangeable, giving all fashionistas the chance to make their bag embody their own personality with different colors, materials and can even be personalized with initials.


“I love that the bag opens up in a deep “smile” to reveal the interchangeable inside pockets. It is comfortable yet classic. Chic while also able to carry everything you could need… and more. And I have been known to want to fit everything (and more) in my purse. I definitely need four. Obviously,” Deutch says.

The Peekaboo is available for purchase now on fendi.com. Watch the campaign below.