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What’s Next For Klingande?

The tropical house producer has his sights set on a debut album, but first, wants to return to his musical roots

Originally formed as a duo in 2012, Klingande is now a solo project for the tropical house producer Cédric Steinmyller. The French artist worked with fellow producer Edgar Catry up until the split in 2015. Though technically a solo project, Steinmyller’s live performances feature various musicians on stage including a pianist and saxophonist. “I like being solo because I can drive Klingande exactly where I want to, and not need to compromise,” he says of being a solo artist now. “I lead my show and music and am free to do whatever I want. That’s what I like.”

With several singles released within the last few years such as “Pumped Up” and “Rebel Yell,” Steinmyller has adopted a high-energy performance style with a positive energy laced throughout his sound. “I want listeners to be absorbed by our show and share all this energy with us,” he says of his live shows. “We try to give as much good feelings as possible on stage, and that’s what I want listeners to take away.”



This year, Steinmyller, performing as his stage name, Klingande, has had gigs all across the globe in major cities like New York City, Ibiza and Montreal. With such broad international adaptation, he admits it can be challenging to adjust his show to the varying audiences. At the end of the day though, he says, “I’m very happy to see my music spreading everywhere. That’s the main reason I make music, to share it and make people happy.”

At just 26 years old, Steinmyller has his sights set on releasing a full-length album in the future, but wants to do it the right way. “I have a real story to tell and I’ve never been closer to an album release,” he admits. “There will be a lot more music next year for sure, and if everything aligns as planned, my first album.” With inspiration coming from tropical house producers like Kygo and Flume, Steinmyller is ready to return to the roots of his own music and get a little more organic. Before listeners can turn up the volume on an album though, Steinmyller is slated to release another single on September 14, in collaboration with French singer Broken Back.