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Christie Brinkley to Host Southampton Sweat Festival

Along with her daughter, the pair will host Leah Landon’s esteemed fitness event this weekend

After over 10 years spent making the careers of pop’s most successful artists (Lady Gaga, Eve and Fat Joe to name a few), current Vice President of Brand Experience at Juice Press, Leah Landon, set her sights on a new leg of popular culture: fitness.

Now in Southampton Sweat’s fourth year, the certified yoga instructor, health coach, natural food chef, and fitness instructor (who also has a masters in clinical social work) has turned her passion for wellness into a bonafide experiential operation. “Five years ago, I have to say we were first to market,” Landon says about her foray into the fitness festival world. “But it was very obvious to me [that fitness] is a community, and a connection and energy people can bond over.” Upon witnessing Southampton’s own loyal community firsthand through the several Juice Press locations that are there, Landon knew this could be the perfect setting for people to burn a “Southampton Sweat.”

Athletes at the 2017 Southampton Sweat Festival (photo credit: Tanya Blum Photo)

Athletes at the 2017 Southampton Sweat Festival (photo credit: Tanya Blum Photo)

As for merging pop culture and fitness, Landon counts Christie Brinkley‘s daughter, Sailor, as a friend and fellow fitness-lover. After experiencing 2017’s festival, Sailor was eager to bring her mom to host the whole thing this year. “It’s all about the disrupters and game changers in fitness,” Landon says. “They all share an audience. There’s definitely this I’m part of this tribe or that tribe, but on this day, we come together as a collective.”

For the 2018 festival, fitness fanatics can enjoy pop-up workouts by New York’s most coveted studios including The Class by Taryn Toomey, AKT by Anna Kaiser, Mile High Run Club and Tonehouse. Top trainers will also be on-site to lead group classes, including Alex Silver Fagan and Akin Akman. “If you wanted, it could be five straight hours of NYC’s toughest workouts,” Landon says. Although for those seeking a more voyeuristic experience, she says, “if you want to just come and hangout, it’s the best people-watching place.”

Leah Landon

Leah Landon

Southampton Sweat (presented by Juice Press, Bandier and Republic Records) will take place on August 5th, 2018. Tickets are $60 per attendee and can be purchased here, with additional transportation to and from New York City available for purchase by emailing southamptonsweat@gmail.com.

Main photo credit: H. Spencer Young