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Double Tap For Holly Liss Jammet

The CEO and founder of social media agency Enlisst chats about Instagram, starting her first business, and the lost art of chilling out

Holly Liss Jammet is a true multi-hyphenate talent. Jammet’s title’s include entrepreneur, master marketer, brand builder, epicure, and CEO and founder of Enlisst, a digital creative consultancy that specializes in social media storytelling. Hailing from the schools of Helmut Lang, theory, goop, and The Infatuation, Jammet’s career DNA is intimately tethered to the digital world and its various platforms of identity expression. After years of in-house work at what she affectionately calls “the best playground” for digital brand building, she spun off in 2015 to found Enlisst. Officially on her own, this solo venture allowed her to forge her own path in the food, lifestyle, fashion, and wellness spaces by collaborating with the individuals and brands in which she believes most.

Holly’s own vibrant, well-curated Instagram feed (@hollyliss) provides a glimpse into her life and shows her innate desire to know about all things beautiful and delicious. With a keen eye for authenticity and a unique ability to build community engagement from the ground up, Holly thrives in any environment that allows her creative fire to lead. Whether that manifests itself as a home cooked meal, new client strategy, chic ensemble, or picture-perfect Instagram, she is acutely aware of the ways in which she is constantly communicating her story to the outside world.

We caught up with the California native to discuss being an entrepreneur, the importance of creating (and honoring) boundaries, and why cooking is also therapy.

When did your interest in social media start? Have you always been a creative at heart?

I was an early adopter to the space. When I was 14 years old I signed up for my first social network, Friendster, and that’s when it all started. I’ve always had an interest in new media and fascinated by how it influences the ways in which we communicate and tell stories allowing us to be creative on so many different mediums.

Personally, I’ve always had that creative fire within and it’s manifested in many ways throughout my life whether it was through style, fashion, photography, design, cooking, Tumblr image deep dives, etc.

What job opened your eyes to the world of digital brand building?

My first gig at Helmut Lang back in 2009, where I had the incredible opportunity to not only build their social presence from the ground-up, but played a role in defining and launching their first e-commerce shop, managing the live streaming of the runway show, email marketing, and anything that touched both digital and creative I got to be a part of. It was the best playground to learn on when it came to digital storytelling.

What inspired you to leave your in-house roles behind and found your own agency, Enlisst?

After eight years of in-house experience, both at corporate and start-up environments ranging from fashion to lifestyle to food, I felt I was ready to finally go off on my own. I was excited to work with brands and businesses, where I truly believed in their mission and could make a positive impact in helping them strategically tell their story on social.

What’s an example of a client Enlisst has helped to bring to life through social media storytelling?

I’ve had the honor to work with so many brands I admire such as Sweetgreen, Carats & Cake, Amber Interior’s design lifestyle hub All Sorts Of, and Misi. Everyone has a bit of a different set up and need, but I’ve done everything from restructuring a team to find their perfect social media manager to defining their social media strategy to then helping them bring it to life through my daily support, coming in as an acting director of social for a specific period of time. It’s like Enlisst social media bootcamp for a couple months, where we really get in the weeds!

When evaluating a brand’s social presence, what do you look for first?

Authenticity, key brand differentiators, and community.

What’s been the greatest challenge and greatest reward of being an entrepreneur? Any advice to those just starting–or just about to–start out?

Learning how to set boundaries to always over-deliver. I think as a female entrepreneurs you’re often training to be the “yes” person in the room and push yourself to the limit to get there. Being on my own has taught me that being clear about my “yes and no’s” will actually help me succeed in the long term.

You split time between New York City and Los Angeles. How do you balance bi-coastal living while managing to make both cities feel like home?

Creating routines in each place makes both cities feel like home. Also, getting to reconnect with my close friends on both coasts always brings me joy. Home is wherever my friends are.

Your schedule is a demanding one! In terms of recharging and taking space for yourself, how do you spend your time?

Cooking is one of the most therapeutic activities for me. It forces me to be off my phone and truly be present. I love following recipes (half of my Insta saves are all recipes) and making dishes from scratch – sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding, it’s all part of the fun! Working out is also another form of therapy for me. I’m addicted to the sweat and my mind is so clear and sharp after a great workout. My current favorites are training with Allyson Gottfried and Tracy Anderson. Love that dance cardio!

What piece of advice do you wish you could instill on your younger self?

Always go with your gut.

Rapid fire, what is your favorite quote?

“Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” – Maggie Kuhn

What about your favorite song?

I have too many favorites, but right now is “Space Song” by Beach House. It’s the song I walked down the aisle to marry my husband, Nicolas.