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Emily Ryan is a native New Yorker living in Brooklyn. She loves Swedish Fish, the Jets, orange wine, and randomly does not hate golf. In addition to contributing to DuJour, she works in PR where she has honed a passion for health, wellness, and sustainability as well as an interest in the connections between the luxury wellness industry and the mass consumer market. She loves to talk about birth control, entrepreneurship, creative brand strategy, and asks anyone who is willing to help her make critical life decisions. Follow her @emilysryan.

    Recent Articles
    • Simon Huck is Always Prepared

      Simon Huck is Always Prepared

      A quarantine dispatch from co-founder of the new emergency preparedness brand, Judy

      Simon Huck, co-founder of Judy, wants people everywhere to be prepared for the unexpected. Over the last decade, the 15-year entertainment marketing and communications veteran witnessed close friends and family face emergencies all across the country. From floods in Florida and storm surges along the coast, ... More

    • Life in the Funny Lane with Greta Titelman

      Life in the Funny Lane with Greta Titelman

      Standup comedian and Los Espookys actress talks about loving attention, conquering fears, and the power of doing absolutely nothing

      Greta Titelman is a very funny woman. Whether you have consumed her comedy through HBO’s cult hit Los Espookys, Bravo digital show Personal Space, daily Instagram Live "Matcha Dance” workouts (@gertiebird), former podcast The Worst, which featured intimate conversations with guests about the worst moments in ... More

    • Julian Reis Is Anything But Ordinary

      Julian Reis Is Anything But Ordinary

      The CEO and founder of beauty incubator SuperOrdinary talks about the beauty industry and winning the Chinese market

      Although many may still be unfamiliar with SuperOrdinary, most consumers are aware of the beauty and wellness incubator’s best-in-class brand portfolio, which includes the likes of Farmacy, Drunk Elephant, Supergoop!, More

    • Ara Katz Suggests You Listen to Your Gut

      Ara Katz Suggests You Listen to Your Gut

      The CEO offers her insight on healthy bacteria and the probiotic you should be taking

      While there is no secret code to health, curiosity is always rewarded, and from where Ara Katz–co-founder and co-CEO of consumer life science company, Seed–sits, that means honoring your gut in every possible way. When prompted, Katz will remind you that every human being is home to ... More

    • Double Tap For Holly Liss Jammet

      Double Tap For Holly Liss Jammet

      The CEO and founder of social media agency Enlisst chats about Instagram, starting her first business, and the lost art of chilling out

      Holly Liss Jammet is a true multi-hyphenate talent. Jammet's title's include entrepreneur, master marketer, brand builder, epicure, and CEO and founder of Enlisst, a digital creative consultancy that specializes in social media storytelling. Hailing from the schools of Helmut Lang, theory, goop, and The ... More

    • An Ode To The Little Things in Life

      An Ode To The Little Things in Life

      Founders of top brands pay homage to the daily practices that keep them grounded

      Welcome to 2020: the year (read: decade) that promises to be your best yet. But, here’s the thing: New Year’s resolutions have the potential to be highly problematic thanks to some unattainable, perfection-driven expectations. Independent of the yearlong goals you may have set, the horribly trite saying still applies: “life happens ... More