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The Indie Rockers You Need to See

The band flor discusses their debut album come out. you’re hiding and live performances

The Oregon-bred quartet perfectly blends an electronic feel with an indie style, generating the unique sound that is flor. The band’s debut album, come out. you’re hiding was released in May just in time for this summer’s festival season. As if making appearances supporting Paramore and Bleachers on tour wasn’t enough, flor made themselves known at Made in America, Lollapalooza and Bunbury Festival. As a final adieu to the summer music scene, the guys snuck in an early afternoon set at Meadows Music and Arts Festival in Queens, New York. Top-billed artists for the weekend included Foster the People, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jay-Z. For a newer band, the feat was not lost on flor. “It’s insane being in the mix with those legends but also some of the hottest upcoming artists,” guitarist McKinley Kitts explains. “I mean, our name might be a smaller font size but it still means a lot to us to be here,” he says with a humble laugh.

The band began their career with a pop-rock sound, but quickly evolved into an indie vibe, taking notes from artists like Tegan and Sara and Phoenix. Lead vocalist Zach Grace says he typically gravitates towards more vulnerable, underground artists. “I get inspired by other songs but then figure out how to make it ‘flor,’” he says of the band’s sound. As far as flor’s debut album, Grace reveals that it was exactly what it needed to be. “The album was us explaining and proclaiming to the world who we are and what we’re about, which is good music and interesting ideas.”

“I want listeners to feel something new and enjoy it so much that have to see a live show so we can really show them what our world is about,” Grace says. And with electric tracks like “warm blood” and the ethereal vocals on “hold on,” flor’s album succeeds at transporting listeners to their world.

As we crowd around this picnic table in Queens, taking a quick pause to let the subway pass above us, the boys share how live sets are their bread and butter. “We totally feed off our fans at the shows. We played our hometown of Portland, Oregon earlier this summer and we had people flying from Texas to come to the show. Everyone knew all the words and I think I cried,” Kitts admits. Grace adds that during live shows he usually can’t stop smiling. “I look like such a goof ball on stage, with the widest grin. It affects my singing sometimes. I’ll just be so stoked that I’ll have a laughing fit!”

From their on-stage energy to their infectious sound, flor is ready to be their fans’ go-to festival band. As they prepare to leave New York to join indie-rockers Atlas Genius on tour, they recognize how perfect the match-up is. “Atlas Genius is such an established alternative rock band. They are quintessential indie rock,” Kitts says. “They play festivals really well and that’s what we see us becoming; a festival band.”

Catch flor supporting Atlas Genius on tour this fall or enjoy the sounds of flor through their album come out. you’re hiding, available now.