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On the Road with Greg Holden

The Brooklyn-based musician shares photos from his Chase the Sun tour

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Greg Holden, the Scottish-born, New York-based troubadour, is on the road in support of Chase the Sun, his third and latest album, but he’s hoping to see a lot more than the inside of some theaters. 

“I want to go to the Chicago Music Exchange,” Holden says from his van, somewhere in Vermont. “It’s the best guitar store in the country and every time I’m in Chicago I go in there to torture myself—and my wallet.”

Wallet torture aside, while Holden’s only a few days into his 20-date tour, he says that things are going rather well.

“So far, nobody has booed me and no projectiles have made their way towards my face,” he says. “The crowds have been amazing, and my songs have been well received. My song ‘Boys In The Street’ seems to be a moment in the set where people stop what they’re doing and just listen—which is really all I can ask for as an artist.”

Well, that and a decent cup of coffee. In order to get his daily fix, Holden travels with a coffee kit fit for a barista.

“Making coffee in the morning is something that always makes me feel at home,” he explains, “so I travel with a Pelican case that has my beans, hand-grinder, water-heater, thermometer, aeropress and favorite mug. It’s pretty nerdy if you’re not into coffee, but if you are, well, then you know what I’m talking about.”

Of course, the best cup of coffee is one he can have at home—a place where he doesn’t spend quite enough time.

“New York has been my favorite stop so far,” he says. “I don’t get chance to be home that much these days, so staying at home, cooking and sleeping in my own bed is a huge bonus when I’m in the middle of a tour.”

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