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Exclusive Song Premiere: “Lunatic” by Cecilia Gault

The voice you most recently heard on Kaskade’s latest track is effortlessly emotive on her newest solo single

Singer-songwriter Cecilia Gault was recently the featured vocalist and co-writer (along with fellow native New Yorker, Sheare) of Kaskade’s latest track, “Love Me Like You Used To.” Gault has been creating music for years on her own, and has always managed to keep her personal sound and musical style at the forefront. “My sound is pop-centric, but with R&B tones and melodies at the core. I like my music to feature my vocal texture, which is soft and breathy,” she says of her music. While she admits she typically sings about personal struggles, she still strives to have her voice come across as effortless and sexy, despite the pain or desire her lyrics are expressing.

Gault’s latest single, “Lunatic,” was inspired by a personal place, but it also caters to a range of women who may have gone through similar situations. “Women can be pushed to act in certain ways to have their voice heard in their relationship. But then, they get called crazy for the way they react,” Gault explains. “I wanted to validate women’s voices with this song. Most girls who have been betrayed, have fantasized about getting redemption and revenge.” Gault adds that the music video for “Lunatic” explores these fantasies of getting back at an ex-lover. From working with Kaskade to releasing “Lunatic,” 2019 is proving to be a pretty banner year for Gault. Fans can expect even more collaborations and different writing opportunities for Gault. “My desire to be heard gets stronger every day, and I am ready to work super hard this year.”

Listen to “Lunatic” below.