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On Location with Penguin Prison

Musician Chris Glover on a memorable set outside Mexico City

Hot on the heels of releasing Lost in New York, his sophomore album, Chris Glover—who performs undeniably catchy electro-pop songs under the moniker Penguin Prison—made his way to Morelos, Mexico to play the Festival Vaivén. And while Glover and festivalgoers alike were probably hoping for some fun in the sun, what they got was a very different scenario.

“We were playing at a festival about two hours outside of Mexico City,” Glover, back in New York for a spell before heading out on a national tour, explains. “We had already played our set, but then a rainstorm started and the dressing room began to flood. We had to scramble to pick up our equipment and get it off the ground before anything happened to it.”

Luckily fans got to hear the tracks from Lost in New York before the downpour began. And, according to Glover, the songs have been a hit with audiences, not only in Mexico but also during a recent sojourn to Washington, D.C.

“We’ve probably played in Washington more than anywhere else,” he explains. “The people there seemed to already know the lyrics to all of the new songs, and they really seemed to love ‘Never Gets Old.’”

And what’s not to love about the track, which boasts an accompanying video that stars Glover’s own 90-year-old grandfather? Surely the song will be a fan favorite when he continues the tour later this summer. 

“I’m looking forward to playing shows on the West Coast, to hitting Los Angeles and San Francisco,” he says. I always have such a great time playing out there, and people seem to really love the music.” 

As for what’s beyond that, Glover says he’s already got a few projects in the works.

“The next album is in its beginning stages,” he says. “I’m also working on some remixes and trying to write music for some other people. I always try to do a lot of things, because you never know what you’re going to be doing next.”