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Ben Hassett Releases His First Monograph

Color is an exclusive collection of celebrated photographer Ben Hassett’s art

Prolific photographer Ben Hassett is set to release his first book, Color, later this month. The limited edition release, of only 1,000 hand-signed copies, brings together some of his most iconic fashion and beauty images that have graced the pages of top publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and our very own, DuJour.

Additionally, Color examines Hassett’s more abstract personal works and landscapes that prove his talents to create striking, polished images know no bounds.

In her essay for the book, Charlotte Cotton writes, “Color is Ben Hassett’s pluralistic, celebratory ode to photography and the experimental journey on which it has taken him. In his hands, color is multiform: a symbolic detail that resists easy translation; a visual strategy that upends our expectations of what can be beautiful; a cast that permeates and amplifies the emotional register of its subject; a monochromatic palette that withdraws all visual interference; the singular, literal subject of his most abstract photographs; and a visual space where opposing registers of color come together.”

Perfect for upcoming holiday gifting, Hassett will be hosting a book signing on Tuesday, October 15 at Dashwood Books from 6 to 8pm (33 Bond St A, New York, NY 10012).

$60, published by Damiani.