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You Should Get to Know Ally Brooke

The former Fifth Harmony member is shining as a solo artist with her debut single, “Low Key”

Since 2012, Ally Brooke has toured the world with the other women of pop group Fifth Harmony by her side. When the girl group announced their break up in March 2018, it was clear that they would each need to rediscover their individual identities. For Brooke, transitioning into a solo artist was something she had dreamed of her entire life. From growing up in San Antonio, Texas to moving out to Los Angeles with her sights set on stardom, to finding success with Fifth Harmony, Brooke says releasing her debut single as a solo artist feels like a full-circle situation. “I have found this transition to be wonderful and I’ve been able to improve myself as a woman and as an artist and just I’m in a whole different place than I would ever was. For me, I feel like I’m a I’m a new woman and in the best way possible,” she explains.

Ally Brooke

Low Key” is a sultry banger that caters to Brooke’s sensual vibes, stellar dance moves and her emotionally charged narrative. As I sit with the pint-sized singer at her new home, Atlantic Records, Brooke can’t help but tear up when discussing her song. “You wait your entire life for something like this,” she says. “I think people just really underestimated me and my skills in the group. People were mean like, people used to make fun of me and my dancing and stuff.” Brooke’s dance moves in the music video for “Low Key” will be sure to shush the haters.

The video’s aesthetic is a combination of Jennifer Lopez’s early days and Cardi B today. What more could you ask for, right? Brooke tells me that growing up she was always drawn to music videos from artists like Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. “I loved videos that wowed you. The choreography, the movement, the story line, the mystery, the pizazz. So that’s the video that I created,” she says of the inspiration for “Low Key.”

Brooke reveals that only a few days before shooting the glamorous video for “Low Key,” rapper Tyga jumped on the track and his verse truly adds another dimension to the song. It feels fitting that Brooke’s debut solo single would feature collaborative efforts from including Tyga to the team of people who worked on the video. She is a creative force on her own but by surrounding herself with a new team of people, she’s ready to soar. “The fact that I have such a supportive team and label and fans. It’s just, it’s the dream.” Brooke says she had to be patient with “Low Key,” but it was worth the wait. “The moral of the story for this song is that the stars aligned and when the stars align that’s when you know it’s right.”

Ally Brooke

“Low Key” offers listeners a little insight into what we can expect from Ally Brooke, the artist. Brooke sings “you should really get to know me” on the song’s chorus, and she means it. With a love of pop music, Brooke strives to make sultry, pop music, in the vein of “Low Key,” with an empowering message behind it. “I love to entertain and to be vulnerable. I can’t wait for the rest of the music to come out and show people who I am on this stage.” Fans can expect new music from Brooke to be released later in 2019.

Watch the official video for “Low Key” below.