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A Matter of Health in Houston

Sydenham Clinic offers customized care and cutting-edge technology to its members

Celebrated private health management concept Sydenham Clinic just opened in River Oaks, offering the best of cutting-edge executive health and premier concierge medicine with curated wellness and lifestyle management. Sydenham is a members-only concept that gives clients access to next-level health screening and medical records management, and they have a support system and ties with the best hospitals in the nation.

Sydenham Clinic (photo by Julie Soefer)

“We essentially serve as a family office for health, managing the full continuum of our client’s health and medical matters,” says the clinic’s founder and CEO, Aanchal Bhatia. “Our scope of services extend beyond primary care to also encompass medical record management, specialist appointments, medical chaperoning and personalized nutritional planning, among other services. We identify our client’s best medical options, navigate them through the healthcare system and serve as their unwavering health advocate.” But its members aren’t just local residents. “Our clients are busy executives, celebrities and their families who travel globally, for whom time is a valuable commodity, and who are accustomed to personalized service and best-in-class access,” explains co-founder Shaheed Kajani. This high-level, customized approach is something that is increasingly in demand, especially during the current health crisis.