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Miami Supercar Room

Surround yourself with some of the most desirable cars in the world while enjoying an exceptional dining experience

Elo, founder of the London Motor Museum and one of the most esteemed car collectors in the world, has created what can only be described as a supercars supper club. Miami Supercar Room houses a gallery of some of the planet’s most impressive automobiles—including a 1935 Pacific by Delahaye, 1929 Rolls Royce Bootch and 2007 Shelby Supercar Ultimate Aero TT—and pairs them with the unmatched exclusivity of a private dining experience.

Miami Supercar Room

For $3,000, diners can reserve one of six “Pods,” which each house up to six guests, to enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by chef and owner Rafael Perez Cambana of Wynwood’s Peruvian eatery GK Bistronomie, the location’s opening restaurant partner.

Miami Supercar Room


To get into one of the coveted Pods, guests can work their way through a free membership system based on frequency of visits and type of experience desired. Black allows access to the cars currently on display and the bar; Silver additionally provides entry to the Auto Art Gallery and some dining privileges; and White, the highest level of membership, bestows priority status for dining reservations and other perks.
2022 NW 1st Court, miamisupercarrooms.com

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