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Dr. Barbara Sturm Boutique & Spa

Inside The New West Coast Dr. Barbara Sturm Outpost

Visit skincare expert Dr. Barbara Sturm’s new West Hollywood locale

German skincare expert Dr. Barbara Sturm was looking for a West Coast home to showcase her beloved Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics product line and cutting-edge facial treatments when she found the perfect West Hollywood location. The sleek space was designed by German architect Tobias Freytag (who also happens to be Dr. Sturm’s brother) and showcases smooth concrete tables, delicate brass details, a mirrored ceiling, floating light fixtures and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Boutique & Spa

Dr. Barbara Sturm Boutique & Spa

“Los Angeles is the most advanced beauty and wellness city in the world,” says Dusseldorf-based Dr. Sturm. “It is a place where new ideas are born, tried and adopted, especially in beauty, health and wellness. L.A. has also become a spiritual second home to me; I met my husband and got married in Los Angeles and have so many wonderful friends here. I simply love to be here.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm's Sun Drops

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Sun Drops

Spa services that are offered in the three treatment rooms include six facials like the luxurious Super Anti-Aging Facial, famed Instant Glow Facial and Men’s Facial along with light therapy and scalp massages. Dr. Sturm’s less-is-more philosophy is on display here in the interiors as well as in her much-lauded, science-based product line (fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Bella Hadid and Kate Moss) with bestsellers like her Face Cream, Sun Drops and Hyaluronic Serum.