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Zelens Turns Back Time

Dr. Marko Lens brings the latest scientific and cosmetic discoveries home in a perfectly pretty little package

The term “anti-aging” is thrown around loosely in the beauty business – just because it comes in a pretty crystal jar doesn’t mean the ingredients are the miracle workers so many labels claim. In the case of Dr. Marko Lens’ new Zelens line, however, there is truth behind the product’s skin rejuvenation declaration.

By looking closely at how cells regenerate and deteriorate over time, Dr. Lens, a well-respected plastic and reconstructive surgeon, was able to create formulas that were specifically targeted towards building on the skin’s natural surface. The three newest Zelens products include an exfoliator, which, Dr. Lens told DuJour, “acts as a moisturizer, it’s a combination of enzymes and hydrated silica beads effectively remove dead surface skin cells but don’t take any moisture away like most other exfoliators”; a Youth Concentrate Serum, which results in “less visible wrinkles and a thicker epidermis”; and a Stem Complex cream, which contains peptides and botanical molecules that help support the skin’s natural repair process.

And in the case that you didn’t major in biology, the basic principles here rest on natural ingredients that help rebuild without stripping too much away or being too harsh on the complexion. The exfoliator is gentle and the creams, soft and pure. All items are sold exclusively at Space NK and on the Zelens website. As far as “anti-aging” is concerned, these new contenders in the race to turn back the clock may really be something to invest in.