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Hillary Peterson

A Cancer Diagnosis That Led To A Skincare Empire

The beauty brand, founded by Hillary Peterson, is changing the game and garnering fans like Olivia Wilde, Kate Hudson, Laura Dern and Ariana Grande

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Bay Area resident Hillary Peterson’s goal was to bring a healthier, more sustainable approach to skincare after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 32. “Like many cancer survivors, I discovered something that I had never known before: that my personal care products contain toxins,” Peterson explains. “So, I embarked on a mission to make skincare so insanely effective and so luxurious that even those who were not particularly interested in clean beauty would love our products.” Her diagnosis led her to create True Botanicals, a clean, Made Safe–certified organic skincare line. Based in Mill Valley, California, Peterson has a beautiful garden that inspires her daily. Sustainable farming is at the forefront of True Botanicals’ approach; the products use potent actives and plant-powered ingredients that are responsibly sourced to create one of the most luxurious and safe skincare lines on the market. The brand’s famed Pure Radiance Oil is a consistent bestseller, but the brand’s latest products (Chebula Active Serum, Chebula Active Serum and Chebula Extreme Cream) feature chebula, a fruit that is one of the most potent and stable skincare ingredients around. “Chebula helps to address five signs of aging while maintaining hydration,” says Peterson. “It has quickly become central to our product offering, and the customer feedback has been fantastic.” Fans of the brand’s skin barrier–protecting products include Olivia Wilde, Kate Hudson, Laura Dern and Ariana Grande.