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What’s Really Worth the Wait

We’re on the edge of our seats


In the age of instant gratification, patience is practically an endangered species. Dates materialize at the swipe of a screen; gourmet food arrives at doorsteps on-demand; stylists, manicurists and masseuses can be conjured at a moment’s notice. But, despite best efforts, there are a few things that can’t be produced at warp speed.

Some of the finest wines in the world, for instance, improve as they age. They develop nuanced flavors during the cellaring process that would never exist had the cork simply been popped when it was purchased. Diamonds have been developing deep within the earth for billions of years. Take one out too early and you have very unglamorous carbon on your hands. 

While those may not surprise you, this might: skincare—the truly luxurious, effective kind—takes time, too. Sure, slapping some active ingredients together can create a perfectly utilitarian product, but to see real results, the kind that make everyone from your husband to your personal trainer take notice, is a more arduous process.

The French company Sisley-Paris just released the newest incarnation of their classic Sisleÿa Global Anti-Age cream, Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age. The new cream hits the market with more than 25 years of research behind it.

The product actually acts on the visible signs associated with the three dimensions of aging—genetic, environmental and behavioral. Results like that simply can’t be rushed.

“We have no price limit or launching schedule for our formulas which ensure very efficient products,” says Sisley scientist Jose Ginestar. “We launch our product on the market once we are totally confident in the efficacy and safety. The result is to offer to our consumers the most innovative product as possible at the launching time. Our philosophy is to launch master products that stay on the market among the decades.” 

Gorgeous skin without going under the knife? We’d wait eons. Luckily, we don’t have to be quite that patient.