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Leila Janah’s luxury skincare line LXMI not only transforms your skin, it also helps women in East Africa

There are shelves of beauty products that do great things for your skin and others that do great things for the world. But natural beauty pioneer Leila Janah’s luxury skincare line, LXMI, does both. Pronounced “LUX-me” and named after the Hindu goddess of beauty and prosperity, LXMI’s products are safe enough to eat, and also give work to women in East Africa.

“I came up with the brand because I believe in clean beauty, and the first step towards this is to get rid of any existing toxins,” says Janah. “The second step is to then add in things that are good for you.”

Four years ago, while visiting an outpost of her Northern Uganda nonprofit, Samasource, a digital company that lifts people out of poverty through work, Janah discovered nilotica, a natural shea butter or coconut oil equivalent that contains more than 25 percent additional fatty acids. The entrepreneur saw the superfood being used by women in East Africa to heal wounds, soothe scars and as a plant-based medicine for various ailments.

Nilotica became the signature ingredient in her luxury line, including her signature “everything” product, Pure Nilotica Melt.  “It’s 2018, we shouldn’t have to choose between a luxury experience and doing good in the world—the two are one and the same.”

Photo courtesy of LXMI