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Here’s Where to Get Bespoke Strands

Online hair color company eSalon is taking its tech to stores

The beauty and tech industries have always been a match made in heaven. One part art and the other science, dyeing your hair combines these two mediums like nothing else. Which is why custom coloring company eSalon is bringing you the best of both by creating a hybrid brand that combines the art of a full salon service experience with the science of at-home box dye. With expert colorists on hand for virtual consultations to create your perfect hair formula ID and an innovative new machine called the Polly Chrome, which is capable of putting out an astounding number of shade options, eSalon has created a streamlined, bespoke experience previously unseen in the market.

What makes the Polly the star of the show in this process is the machine’s ability to not only dispense pigment variations but also decant, cap, and label your bottle so that it’s ready to be shipped in less time than is possible at other similar companies. These capabilities haven’t traditionally come in small packages, though. With the machine standing more than 50 feet high in the industrial version, the Polly has only been usable through the online services at eSalon. But times, they are a’changing. The company is taking Polly on the road in a smaller, more compact iteration about the size of an ATM that will now be available in select stores, including Target, CVS, and eSalon’s first brick-and-mortar salon in San Francisco, so you can receive your color in less time than ever.

Photo credit: Getty Images / Rosdiana Ciaravolo