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The Mane Men of The Upper East Side

Visit New York City’s Eddie Arthur Salon and receive star-studded hair treatments

The duo behind New York City’s Eddie Arthur Salon are more than equipped for success with over a decade of experience training at some of the most prestigious hair salons. Eddie Rubinov and Arthur Shamalov have clear professional chemistry, perfectly complementing each other’s strengths. The pair worked together at New York City’s Salon AKS and Oscar Blandi Salon while mastering their craft and simultaneously building a friendship before embarking on their own journey to create Eddie Arthur Salon.

Upon entering this Upper East Side hair mecca, there is a clear air of sophistication with sleek white décor while maintaining a comfortable, unpretentious attitude. Rubinov, the salon’s premier colorist, specializes in blondes, which is perfect for a bottle blonde like myself. Anyone who colors their hair knows how it feels to leave a salon with a new shade of brassy blonde and be forced to spend another half of a day correcting the dye job. Don’t get me wrong, blondes do have more fun, but the process to get to the perfect color can be a challenging (and stressful) one.

Eddie Arthur Salon

Eddie Arthur Salon

After I get settled in Rubinov’s chair and describe to him how I prefer a more natural look, he combs through my grown out locks and points out the colors he would like to enhance. There is no judgement in the fact that my roots are nearly three inches long, but instead he suggests using a specific shade of blonde highlights in order to achieve a natural look even when my hair inevitably grows out again. I sit back with a cappuccino and let the master go to work and before I know it, a blonde bombshell has appeared before me and is finishing up my cappuccino. In the weeks after my appointment, my blonde hair has not dulled and actually feels stronger despite having a full head of highlights processed, which can sometimes dry your hair out.

The salon is staffed with a number of successful stylists and colorists but Shamalov is the go-to expert. Shamalov was the youngest stylist at Oscar Blandi at the ripe age of 22, and since then has combed the likes of Sofia Vergara, Kelly Ripa and Rosario Dawson. Shamalov prides himself on his unique approach to hair styling and skillful execution.

Eddie Arthur Salon

Eddie Arthur Salon

Eddie Arthur Salon has managed to strike the perfect balance between offering an elevated ambiance tucked away in Manhattan’s elite Upper East Side neighborhood with an approachable and welcoming vibe. The client-focused stylists and colorists work tirelessly to achieve beautiful looks for everyone who walks through the salon’s doors.

Eddie Arthur Salon
29 E 61st Street
New York, NY 10065

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