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Daphne Oz’s Stress-Busting Skincare

The lifestyle entrepreneur has signed up as co-owner of the new clean skincare brand LOUM

Author, television host and content creator Daphne Oz is always looking for a way to save time and look her best. To that end, she recently teamed up with skincare brand LOUM as a co-owner. The mother of four was eager to get behind a curated group of essential products specifically designed to treat aging, blemishes and dry/sensitive skin. “I am a total beauty junkie and committed to finding the cleanest way to achieve my [skincare] goals,” Oz tells DuJour exclusively. “I immediately fell in love with the promise of a brand whose mission is to help busy women put our best face forward every single day and offers a totally novel method to tackling the science of beautiful skin.” The vegan and cruelty-free line isn’t overwhelming or too time-consuming so it’s an easy commitment. “Taking good care of yourself doesn’t need to be another thing that stresses you out or takes too much time,” says Oz. “Ideally, these moments of self-care should make us feel as good on the inside as they do on the outside.”

We spoke with Oz, who splits her time between New York and Palm Beach, to learn more about LOUM and her skincare secrets.

Daphne Oz and LOUM

Daphne Oz and LOUM

How does stress affect our skin?

It’s funny that given stress is at the root of nearly all the issues women claim most challenge and disrupt their skin’s appearance, no skincare line to-date has focused exclusively on tackling the specific pathways of how stress shows up on skin. Whether it is from cortisol literally destroying collagen (bye, elasticity!), or sebum dysregulation that can create enlarged pores and a prime breeding ground for bacteria (hi breakouts!), stress is a beauty killer.

What skincare concerns do you have personally?

Because I’ve worn TV makeup for years, and plenty of makeup for fun before that, plus busy days as a working mama of four, I’ve definitely had my ups and downs with skin. Since introducing LOUM to my routine, this is the happiest my skin has ever been because I’m able to do less and have my skin find its own balance.

With four small children, how do you maintain a beauty regimen and incorporate LOUM into your routine?

I love that our masks, for instance the Renew and Brighten Polishing Minifacial, work in just a few minutes. I need something that’s effective and fast-acting but gentle. Something we can all squeeze in, even on the busiest of days, and a simple way we tell our bodies and our minds that we prioritize taking good care of ourselves in a meaningful way where we can really see results fast.

Did you share samples with friends and family to try out along the way?

Absolutely! I got my sisters and friends hooked on factory samples of the Pure Serenity Golden C Serum first. One of my sisters has oilier skin and the other has very sensitive skin (and I have dry skin!) and we are all in love. It’s something easy to press on to clean skin in the morning and at night for a boost of radiance and it is a perfect primer under our Balance & Prime Gel Moisturizer for a plump, dewy makeup look.

LOUM Redefine Contour Firming Cream

LOUM Redefine Contour Firming Cream

What are your current favorites from LOUM?

I usually work out and then cleanse with the cleansing balm and a gentle exfoliating cleanser. I’ll press the Pure Serenity Golden C Serum over my entire face, neck and chest and follow with the Balance & Prime Gel Moisturizer if I’m doing makeup or just a quick press of the Redefine Contour Firming Cream which my dry skin loves. Sometimes I sneak in a quick Tranquil Radiance Nutrient Mask right after my shower while I make my coffee. At night, I cleanse with the Be Calm Cleansing Balm again–I use the Stress Detox Enzymatic Cleanser once or twice a week for a deeper clean–and then press the Golden C Serum over my skin again, followed by the Awaken Glow Elixir Oil and a generous slather of the Contour Cream which acts like an overnight mask.

How does your skin fare differently in humid, warm Florida compared to New York in the colder months?

The biggest change I feel from Florida life is that the air is so lovely and humid so I don’t need to over-hydrate like I do up north. I am reminded to wear sunscreen more regularly down here, but other than that, my routine pretty much stays the same.

Have your social media followers given you feedback yet?

Yes! I love hearing from my audience who have been trying the line at home and have had friends coming up to them commenting on how amazing their skin looks! I can’t tell you how much reading these comments makes my day because I know what a confidence-boost these compliments bring. We take on our whole day differently when we feel good.