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Get The Skinny From Blake Lively’s Trainer

Celebrity trainer Don Saladino gives us the inside scoop on the real key to weight loss

It’s probably safe to say if you’re responsible for getting Ryan Reynolds into superhero-like shape, and you’re the workout brains behind Blake Lively’s post-baby bod, you’ve got serious skills. Inside Don Saladino’s Soho gym Drive 495, he whips his clients—a roster of celebrity names, high-profile New Yorkers, and everyone in-between—into the best shape of their lives. But he’s not just throwing them on the treadmill and calling it a day. For both men and women, his theory revolves around resistance training for optimal weight loss. “A lot of times people affiliate a good sweat with fat loss, and this is not always the case,” says Saladino. “Unfortunately, this is why many people are just spinning their wheels by only doing cardio.” The secret for losing lbs, he says, is to increase your weight training sessions. “Weight training is the entrée, and cardio is the side dish. You burn more fat and calories through resistance training. Your body also becomes a fat-burning furnace with more muscle.” But common misconceptions on “bulking up,” especially for women, have kept many of us away from traditional weight training. Yet Saladino says this couldn’t be further from the truth. “It’s hard for most people to put on muscle, yet they’re worried about getting too big from training with weights.”

Below, Saladino shares his secrets to becoming your fittest self.

Don’s Celebrity Clientele: Saladino counts Scarlett Johansson as one of his clients. (photo credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)


How many times a week do you need to weight train to see results?

You can see results with three days a week at 20 to 30 minutes. Diet is also important; I recommend an 80/20 rule to start.

What’s your workout plan with Blake versus Ryan?

Blake trains with weights. I focus on getting her stronger while paying attention to recovery and movement. The more resilient her body becomes, the better shape she gets into. She is not afraid to put on muscle. With Ryan, we focus on strength, hypertrophy and movement quality; exactly like I do with Blake.

Don’s Celebrity Clientele: Saladino counts Liev Schreiber as one of his clients. (photo credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

What’s the easiest way to get motivated ?

Switching your program up always helps, but don’t do this too much. [My programs] could be anywhere from three weeks to four months. Staying intrigued is important, but so is training smart. Just because some influencer is posting a workout doesn’t mean it makes sense. If you’re going to follow exercise recommendations, just make sure you are following a person who has an education in the field and years of experience.

Main image credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images