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Kasey Caminiti

Web Producer


Kasey Caminiti is the Web Producer at DuJour. Before DuJour she was a copywriter and web producer at a travel company, an intern at Nickelodeon and at Cumulus Broadcasting. A self-proclaimed music junkie, she enjoys festivals and concerts on the weekends or snuggling with her Boston Terrier, Rufio. Follow her on Instagram at @aseykay.

Recent Work
  • Drink DuJour: Paloma Cocktail

    Drink DuJour: Paloma Cocktail

    Toast to National Tequila Day with a refreshing cocktail at this rooftop grill in Long Island City

    If you're looking for a ... More

  • 10 Must-Haves For Any Beardsman

    10 Must-Haves For Any Beardsman

    Grooming gear to keep your facial hair in check


  • Room Request! The Publishing House B&B

    Room Request! The Publishing House B&B

    From cow skin rugs to refurbished vintage finds, this Chicago stay is quirky and cool

    Set in Downtown Chicago, the building that houses The Publishing House is rather unassuming. But similar to entering the land of Narnia through a wooden wardrobe, the property’s big blue door transports you to a new world, one which takes the shape of a charming bed and breakfast that's ... More

  • Why Steve Aoki Cakes His Crowds

    Why Steve Aoki Cakes His Crowds

    The EDM sensation cakes, jumps, soaks and on his new album Kolony, he gets "Lit" with T-Pain

    I assumed that Steve Aoki would travel with an entourage in tow. He’s arguably one of the most epic performers in electronic dance music at the moment, offering heart-thumping beats and hours of euphoric thrills for his hardcore fans. What I didn’t expect was for him to request ... More

  • We Are All Frankie Cosmos

    We Are All Frankie Cosmos

    Lead singer of indie band Frankie Cosmos spoke about her inclusive performances and her recent social media cleanse

    When I meet Greta Kline, the lead singer of indie-pop band Frankie Cosmos, outside of the entrance to Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, she’s digging around in her backpack only to reveal a worn-in bucket hat. She sheepishly covers a shaved head--a look not many people ... More

  • RAC is Spinning Gold

    RAC is Spinning Gold

    How André Allen Anjos has evolved from producing music in his dorm to winning a Grammy

    When Portugal-born, Illinois-raised André Allen Anjos started out in the music industry, it wasn’t a hugely successful endeavor right away. “I sent out tons of letters and emails to labels and recording studios,” the 2017 Grammy-winning producer known as RAC says of his humble beginnings. “I got zero ... More

  • Behind the Exhibit: the Art of Watches

    Behind the Exhibit: the Art of Watches

    Cipriani will host an 11-day showcase of luxe watchmaker Patek Philippe's 178-year history

    For the first time, the famed Midtown Manhattan restaurant Cipriani 42nd Street will have a two-story structure created within the building to host an exhibition dedicated to the history and heritage of luxe watchmaker, Patek Philippe. The Swiss watch company has joined forces with the Kips ... More

  • Meg Mac’s Guide to Melbourne

    Meg Mac’s Guide to Melbourne

    The Australian singer-songwriter is set to release her debut album, Low Blows

    Aussie artist Meg Mac is preparing for a national tour following the release of her highly anticipated debut album Low Blows on  July 14th. From being named Triple J’s Unearthed artist of the year in 2014 to having her tunes showcased on the hit television ... More

  • Discover the Dutch Band Klangstof

    Discover the Dutch Band Klangstof

    The dynamic indie-rockers open up about how they want their fans to feel about their music

    When I first met Klangstof, it was in the basement of the Bowery Electric in New York City. They were in the middle of their sound check and seemed to be super professional and rather serious. The second time was at a music festival where they were giggly, ... More

  • Pitchfork Festival Introduces New Offerings

    Pitchfork Festival Introduces New Offerings

    From air-conditioned bathrooms to Negroni Slushies, Pitchfork +PLUS is set to steal the show this year

    LCD Soundsystem, Solange, Francis and the Lights and air-conditioned bathrooms. The annual Pitchfork Music Festival has officially stepped up its game for the 12th year, adding an available upgraded experience to the weekend. The festival will be held in Union Park, Chicago and expects about 20,000 attendees per day in ... More