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Meet the Designer Behind the Viral “Resist” Diamond Necklace

Everyone from Olivia Wilde to Yara Shahidi has been seen sporting the minimalist piece with a big statement

Powerful product (re: merchandise) can take a social movement and multiply its message by tenfold.

#TimesUp undoubtedly swept the competition for “top trending hashtag” at the 2018 Golden Globes. And the virality of the movement’s namesake hashtag now has permanence thanks to tangible items (shirts, tote bags, pins, etc.) available for sale on the Time’s Up website (100 percent of proceeds go towards the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which “provides subsidized legal services for individuals subjected to workplace sexual harassment and abuse”). On the same night, Oprah’s acceptance speech—and subsequent (re: wishful) hint towards a 2020 presidential run—led to a sold out line of “Oprah 2020” merch. Both are examples of what Refinery29 refers to as “T-Shirt” activism.

But here, we’re less about t-shirts and more about the diamonds, dahling.

Jewelry designer Erin Sachse turned her hobby into a business when she founded LA-based Eriness Jewelry in 2015. In 2017, Sachse became inspired by the #Resist movement—a sort of “battlecry,” the NY Times calls it, in response to the agenda and platform of the current U.S. administration. And as an act of her own resistment, Sachse applied her talents to create the “Resist x Eriness” necklace in 14k yellow gold and diamonds (the same necklace also comes in plain yellow gold and sterling silver). 20 percent of proceeds from the necklace go towards Planned Parenthood.

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Resist Necklace, $750, ERINESS, eriness.com.

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Resist Necklace, $750, ERINESS, eriness.com.

Below, we speak with the young designer about her powerful creation, the inspiring celebrities we’ve seen wear it, and who she wants to see wear her necklace next!

What inspired you to use the phrase “Resist” for the necklace?

As a young woman, I was so disheartened with what has been going on in our country that I really felt like we needed to “resist” all the negativity and come together as strong and powerful women. Speaking out and standing up for what is right is extremely important to me.

What does that word mean to you?

To me, “resist” means female empowerment—women supporting other women. Its message is crucial and powerful. “Resist” can mean many different things to the women wearing this necklace, and that’s what I love about it. No matter what each of us face in our daily lives, it’s there to remind us that we are all strong and can take on anything.

When did you launch the “Resist” necklace?

I launched the Resist x Eriness necklace towards the end of Spring 2017 after taking some time to reflect on the transformation of our country. I really wanted to do something meaningful and give back to a cause that is important to me, so I decided to donate a portion of my proceeds to Planned Parenthood, an organization with an incredibly important mission.

So exciting that role models like Emma Roberts, Yara Shahidi and Olivia Wilde (to name a few) have all worn your design! How does that feel to know they wear your necklace?

It feels amazing to see these women in their Resist necklaces! These women really inspire me because they have done so much for their community and are true advocates for all women.

Is there any one person in particular you’d love to see wear the necklace?

Oprah!! That would be a dream come true!

Any more phrases you’re currently inspired by that might lead to a new design?

For right now I’m still “resisting” but stay tuned!

Since you launched Eriness in 2015, what’s the biggest way in which your business has grown? What have you learned most about the jewelry industry?

Wow, Eriness has grown in so many ways over the past few years and I have as well. It’s been an education about both business and life. I have been running this company on my own, and am continuously learning every step of the way. That has been the most exciting part for me. I

look forward to learning more and seeing what the future holds for both Eriness and myself!

I love this idea of mixing fine jewelry (especially the diamonds) with such a powerful statement. What is your take on mixing luxury with powerful movements like “Resist”?

I’m all for it! Being a jewelry designer, I wanted to create something that I could personally wear every second of every day—and for me that’s jewelry. I’m not a statement T or bumper sticker kind of girl and really wanted something that could be forever. It’s not loud or in your face. It’s subtle and I feel powerful wearing it.

Main Image: Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur