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Marin Hopper’s Legacy

The proprietor of Hayward House shares the inspiration behind her newest collection

Tucked away on an unassuming residential street on Manhattan’s Upper East Side is Hayward House, the home to two accessory brands: Hayward Luxury and Hopper Goods. Both brands, named after founder and designer Marin Hopper’s parents Brooke Hayward and Dennis Hopper, inhabit a showroom on the brownstone’s first floor, while Hopper and her husband and co-owner John Goldstone reside on the upper tiers. As both home and haunt, the brownstone is more of a society destination than anything. And the accessories housed here are as much a testament to Hopper’s keen eye for design as they are an extension of her home’s core value: legacy.

Since opening in 2015, Hayward House and the accessories sold there have reflected both Hopper’s artistic vision and her illustrious lineage. A peek at the bathroom walls offers a glimpse at Hopper’s familial and social network: everyone from Liza Minnelli to Jane Fonda (Hopper’s Godmother) is pictured there. And Hayward’s SS18 collection is just as rooted in fame as her family tree.

Mini H Crossbody, $1,990, HAYWARD, haywardluxury.com

The collection, a mix of bags, clutches and purses, incorporates images taken by Dennis Hopper—also an avid visual artist who sought inspiration from everyone from Andy Warhol (a regular visitor to the designer’s childhood home) to James Dean. “Before he died,” Hopper explains, “[my father] told me, ‘People want to remember me as an actor or a director but I really want to be remembered as a photographer,” Hopper recalls. “He was an unusual person: he made art but he also collected all his life.” And while the elder Hopper may not have dabbled in fashion, the father-daughter bond is clear in Hayward Luxury’s visually compelling designs.