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A New Dawn of Menswear, Presented by Jeffrey Rüdes

Elegant, perfectly cut men’s clothing makes its mark

There are very few things that can completely turn a mood around in a matter of seconds. Clothing happens to be one of them.

Preeminent designer Jeffrey Rüdes describes his former “stint” in the fashion business (he’s humbly the creator of J Brand denim) as a way for him to make people feel instantly more elegant. “I used to tell my design team, ‘We’re creating an emotion, because the jean is probably the most emotional piece of a woman’s closet next to a bathing suit, a shoe or an Alaïa dress.’” And his just-launched collection of luxury menswear does just that for the male demographic with its impossibly stylish jackets. By trying on the right jacket, the wearer is immediately transported to a sophisticated, masculine, modern feeling.  The experience could be unexpected. Men get noticed, they command rooms and, most importantly, they feel sexy. 

What differentiates Rüdes’ collection from other luxury brands on the market is its elegant simplicity. Made from the finest wools, mohairs, leathers, cashmeres, silks and cloths available today, his clothing’s immaculate design and unmatched fit meld together to create pieces that, plainly put, make men look better.

“The perfect jacket starts with the cloth,” says Rüdes. “Then you have to ask, where is he going to wear it? Should this be double breasted or single breasted? You’re looking at English striped flannels and you have to think, where’s that going to go?”

The answer is that it must simply go wherever its wearer normally goes. Men, according to Rüdes, know what they like and they can be rather unchangeable in their wardrobes, which happens to be a factor that keeps designers in business for generations. See, Rüdes’ designs solve a problem: men want to look good without having to think too hard about doing it.

This sense of shopping ease also comes into play at the brand’s SoHo store, where Rüdes describes the sales staff as treating clients with “kid gloves.” Each shopper is styled, not sold to, making the experience seamless in every way. Just show up, get a completely curated selection of pieces to try on in the store’s elegantly appointed dressing rooms and go home happy. Or even better, a Jeffrey Rüdes stylist will come to your home or office. 

Jeffrey Rüdes is located at 57 Greene Street in Soho, 212.219.2800