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Hilary Swank’s Sartorial Mission

The actress and entrepreneur talks about her new fashion label and how she wants to streamline how women shop

Hilary Swank wasn’t happy with the clothing she found in stores. Everything was emblazoned with logos and felt low quality. So she sought to create a fashion brand that is both eco-conscious and devoid of splashy logos. Enter Mission Statement, a conscious brand with a strong message. “We believe in promoting the women wearing the clothes and not the brand itself, which is why there is no external branding,” explains Swank. “I was also tired of seeing so much disposable clothing out there—apparel that people wear a few times and throw out.” These effortless closet staples like stretch leather pants, parkas and super-soft tanks are elevated enough to take you from home to a workout and to dinner in style. “The line is built on the ability to mix pieces in so many ways so each piece is intentional. I love the ability to layer so that I can easily move from one part of my day to the next.”

The two-time Academy Award winner is hot off her starring role in Netflix’s original drama series Away playing an astronaut on Mars. But she made time to talk to DuJour about her new venture.

What sets Mission Statement apart?

We work with suppliers who are green visionaries, constantly improving their sustainable production practices. They work with Oeko-Tex-certified fabrics and have extremely strict environmental policies to protect and preserve our ecosystem.

What did you feel was missing in the market?

Stylish, reasonably priced luxury clothing that you can truly be comfortable in, that will take you through your day and last for years. I also don’t think we need so many items of clothing in our closet. We’ve designed clothing that can be worn multiple ways with the idea of fulfilling 80 percent of your clothing needs while only taking up 20 percent of your closet.

Where do you source your fabrics?

All our fabrics are sourced in Italy and we manufacture in the same heritage factories in Italy and Portugal that brands like Prada, Chanel, Hermès and Moncler use, but at a fraction of the price. Our cashmere suppliers are world leaders in small herd, sustainable sourcing, improving the quality of the fiber and the lives of the cashmere goats. The  result is that our cashmere pieces improve with age which can only be achieved with this level of quality. We are also very proud of our bras that are made from recycled nylon obtained from discarded fishing nets, which reduces the danger to sea life in our oceans.

What have been your best-sellers? 

Our Yummy Track Pants have been extremely popular. They’re the most comfortable pants I own and highly versatile. I wore them with a pair of running shoes on a plane to Europe and then went straight to a fancy dinner and only had to change into high heels. Everyone complimented me on how great they looked. Little did they know they’d just served as my comfy pants for a 12-hour flight. Our Traversiamo Jacket is incredibly lightweight but really cozy and warm and has removable sleeves so it can be worn as a jacket or a vest.

hilary swank

Traversiamo Jacket, Yummy Track Pants

What’s your favorite and least favorite aspect of running this business?

I love how building and growing a business is very similar to getting a film off the ground. You have an idea, you build a team and then you all work together to make the very best vision of that idea. I don’t love Microsoft Excel spreadsheets though! Ha!

How have you been staying active and sane this year?

I try to work out at least three days a week. It’s such a mood booster and I get some of my best creative ideas when the blood is flowing.

What’s the best-kept fashion secret you’ve learned along the way? 

Quality matters. I know that may not sound like a secret but we don’t always choose quality and people tend to consume disposable fashion at high rates. Buying truly sustainable and superior quality pieces may cost more at first but they will last longer, saving you and our precious environment.