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Grey Gardens Revisited

A family pays tribute to its beloved matriarchs

“The story of Grey Gardens is an important American story,” explains Eva Beale. “Rich with so many layers.” Immortalized in Albert and David Maysels’ 1975 documentary Grey Gardens, two Ediths—one “Big” and the other “Little”—have fascinated the world for over 40 years.

The pair, an aunt and first cousin to Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy, were peculiar figures in the history of a storied family. “After Little Edie passed away in 2002, we reviewed the family archives that [she] herself collected,” said Beale. “The photographs were all about the past.” The trip down memory lane inspired Beale and her husband, Bouvier Beale, Jr.—Little Edie’s nephew—to publish Edith Bouvier Beale of Grey Gardens, A Life in Pictures, in 2008. The year before, Eva began a passion project that has become Grey Gardens Official—a luxury lifestyle brand celebrating Little Edie’s eclectic style. With Big and Little Edie as their muses, and with Little Edie’s fashion sense as their inspiration, Grey Gardens Official focuses on pieces that can be enjoyed and passed through generations. “Recently we added a collection of scarves ($125) designed by artist Alli Arnold, who really captures Little Edie perfectly,” says Beale.

Scarves designed by Alli Arnold are inspired by Little Edie

Scarves designed by Alli Arnold are inspired by Little Edie

Bouvier has helped broaden the heritage brand through the addition of Grey Gardens Wines. “The premiere vintage of Grey Gardens’ new Long Island wine project—a 2016 Dry Rosé—was released in May,” says Bouvier, who serves as master blender. Made with 100% North Fork of Long Island grapes, it comes from established vineyards grown by one of the region’s oldest wine-growing families. The winter will see the release of their first blended red wine, a 2016 Edie’s Red.