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David Beckham Channels His Inner Biker, Presented by Belstaff

The soccer legend stars in Outlaw, a new short film by the über-cool fashion brand

The ultimate irony in Belstaff’s new short film, Outlaw, is that David Beckham, one of the world’s most recognizable—and handsome—men, plays the Man with No Name. And he plays him well. Brooding on his bike, Beckham interacts with quite a few rather interesting circus characters on a mysterious mission, which (spoiler alert!) involves the gorgeous Katherine Waterston dressed as a clown. The film, directed by Geremy Jasper and executively produced by Liv Tyler, also stars Harvey Keitel and Cathy Moriarty as similarly mysterious players in this rather dark game. 

A still from Belstaff’s short film “Outlaw”

Most notable, however, is the almost impossibly cool wardrobe worn by Beckham throughout. He’s clothed in Belstaff’s new Outlaws collection, an edgy line available September 22nd (though in-the-know shoppers will pre-order now). Law-abiding citizens and rebels alike will enjoy the leather jackets, boots, pants and simple white shirt on offer—motorcycle not included.

Watch the full video on September 22 at belstaff.com.