David Beckham Channels His Inner Biker, Presented by Belstaff

by Natasha Wolff | September 18, 2015 12:00 pm

The ultimate irony in Belstaff[1]’s new short film, Outlaw, is that David Beckham[2], one of the world’s most recognizable—and handsome—men, plays the Man with No Name. And he plays him well. Brooding on his bike, Beckham interacts with quite a few rather interesting circus characters on a mysterious mission, which (spoiler alert!) involves the gorgeous Katherine Waterston dressed as a clown. The film, directed by Geremy Jasper and executively produced by Liv Tyler[3], also stars Harvey Keitel and Cathy Moriarty as similarly mysterious players in this rather dark game. 

A still from Belstaff’s short film “Outlaw”

Most notable, however, is the almost impossibly cool wardrobe worn by Beckham throughout. He’s clothed in Belstaff’s new Outlaws collection[4], an edgy line available September 22nd (though in-the-know shoppers will pre-order now). Law-abiding citizens and rebels alike will enjoy the leather jackets, boots, pants and simple white shirt on offer—motorcycle not included.

Watch the full video on September 22 at belstaff.com[5].

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