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Adam Lippes’ Dogs Are Famous

The designer celebrated for his elegant fashions is now an Instagram star for a very different reason

Adam Lippes is known first and foremost for his elegant fashion designs, but along the way he’s also amassed a bit of a cult following for another role: dog dad. His Instagram followers can catch glimpses of his Labradoodles (Bidu, Lola and Kiko) frolicking at his upstate New York farm or lounging in his studio. “I think more people come to see the dogs than the clothes,” jokes Lippes. Truthfully, they have become quite the fixture on the social channel—followers can find them under the hashtag #bidulolakiko—and while he photographs them at a rapid clip, the designer manages to pare down his selections when posting. 

“If you want to frame it as a dog-lover and put it on your mantle, then it’s a good picture for Instagram,” says Lippes. “If you won’t, I’m not so sure everyone needs to see it.”