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Felicity Jones on Honoring RBG’s Legacy

We take a look back at our cover story starring Jones and reflect on her memories of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In the wake of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passing, Jason Binn and DuJour Media took a look back at our 2018 winter cover story that truly celebrated the legend. Throughout the process of becoming RBG for her role in the 2018 film, On the Basis of Sex, actress Felicity Jones told DuJour during our winter cover shoot that she realized how the two women were alike in more ways than one. “I found many similarities in the way that I was always rather shy growing up as a young girl. I think for both of us, when we put our mind to something, we are both incredibly focused and can be very single-minded. We don’t like a lot of fuss. I’d say we’re very straightforward and diligent, and I constantly found moments where she’s giving me such reassurance in my own life. Just seeing the way she behaved and her silent strengths are something I constantly come back to and find empowering in my own life,” Jones said.

Throughout the shoot, Jones gushed about RBG’s stylish legacy, along with her inspirational career. And the pressure of portraying such an icon was not lost on the actress. “I knew I had a hell of a lot of research in front of me and that I wanted to do justice to the justice, so I started off reading everything I could about her, looking at every single piece of footage of her, and really getting into the mind-set of her; that was my objective.”

Preparing to transform herself into Notorious RBG, the beloved nickname that 85-year-old Ginsburg earned in her later years, required a method to the madness for Jones. “I usually have quite an academic approach when I start off; I really try to become an expert on that person,” she said. “It was an enormous help when I met her and spent time with her and really felt her incredible humanity. She’s someone who is very private and has an innate shyness, so it was a real gift that she invited Armie Hammer [who plays her husband, Marty, in the film] and I into her home and gave us access so that we could do the best job possible of understanding her.”

In honor of her starring role in On the Basis of Sex and her 2018 DuJour cover story, Jones spent an evening celebrating with DuJour publisher and founder Jason Binn at Manhattan’s Catch Roof NYC. The Oscar-nominated actress wore an effortless white tea-length gown and silver heels and offered interviews to Extra, Daily Mail and more.