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Room Request! Vira Vira

Earn your evening wine and cheese at this luxury lodge in Pucón, Chile

The overused phrase “farm-to-table” has nearly lost its meaning amongst the foodie jetset, but in the case of Vira Vira, a luxury adventure lodge in the Lakes District of Chile, no description could be more accurate, or more welcome. Situated on a series of mini-islands on the Liucurá River, just ten miles outside of Pucón, the lodge is surrounded by over 100 acres of protected forest and parkland. Vira Vira operates a boutique dairy farm, inviting guests to get their hands dirty collecting eggs, making cheese, or simply soaking in the pastoral splendor. If you would prefer to “earn” your food and wine in the traditional way, there are miles of hiking trails to trek, a smoking volcano to scale on your mountain bike, and a river full of fish to catch. Most activities are inclusive with a bilingual guide. The best part of pushing your boundaries in this unique Andean paradise is the knowledge that you are coming home to an oasis, where each detail of your stay has been expertly crafted—from the architecture and design, to the freshest fare around. 

Inside a suite at Vira Vira

The most requested room: 
Villa Suite No. 2.

What makes it so special:
Because of its proximity to the river and​ the spectacular natural views it offers. Guests also rave about the individual fireplace, which makes the room so cozy, and the room’s private outdoor ​hot tub with sweeping views of the Chilean skies. ​

The rate:
Rates are all-inclusive and include airport transportation, lodging, all meals and drinks, guided excursions, use of the hotel’s facilities and fly-fishing equipment and bicycles. ​Villa Suite No. 2 is $2,415 per person for the minimum three-night stay.

Your personal favorite:
Villa Suite No 10.

It has been our pilot villa and we have special memories of the many weeks we spend living in it to ensure that everything is just perfect once we built the other Villas. It has also a beautiful view to the river but as an added bonus also a view to the smoking ​Villarrica Volcano! 

Celebrity guests:
Yes, we had quite a few but as a good Swiss hotelier, privacy and confidentiality is our top requirement. They came to Vira Vira to enjoy the unique landscape, the exclusive excursions, the personalized service but foremost the privacy and confidentiality they can enjoy with us.

A cow and newborn calf at Vira Vira

Fun facts:
The Vira Vira is the only hotel/lodge in Chile that is also a working farm and dairy, so meals are prepared with fresh, organic, farm-to-table products, and guests can even join in with farm activities such as a making cheese, collecting eggs, and so on. Visitors will find miniature goats, Araucano chickens that lay blue eggs, Shetland ponies, wild boar, cattle, geese, and turkeys. 

One of our guides is also a professional photographer who knows every inch of the area, and can offer photo tips and take guests to outstanding places for photography.