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Travel to These Luxe Destinations With Your Parents

Prepare for a family vacation that everyone will actually enjoy

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Whether you adore your parents all the time or maybe just in small doses, traveling with said parents or better yet, in-laws, can challenge that relationship. Planning a family vacation properly is key to executing a harmonious experience. Do your in-laws prefer to take it easy and kick back at a resort, or would they prefer to get up before dawn to explore all the hotspots of a new city? Finding out a person’s travel style before you touch ground will help avoid any discrepancies.

When planning a trip with your parents or in-laws, you’ll probably want to ensure you’re able to spend some alone time with your partner or perhaps a few moments by yourself. Spending a week of non-stop bonding can be great, but being able to go your separate ways when you want (or need) will be the unsung hero of the trip. Find a property with a spa and schedule a treatment for yourself, head to the beach and take a leisurely walk with your partner for a few moments of private conversation, or opt for a resort with a nightclub for some late night dancing sans the parents.

We’ve put together a list of great travel destinations to get you started. These trips each weave in a touch of adventure, luxury accommodations, and expansive quarters for when you need a few hours to yourself.

Click through the gallery above for an inside look at our top destinations to travel to with your parents or in-laws.