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Move Freely with Free People

Feeling stylish and chic while maintaining an active life just became easier

Fitness sartorial for me personally has been, in the past, reserved to ill-fitting gym shorts and “vintage” t-shirts emblazoned with my high school mascot. Over the years, those unremarkable ensembles have become less and less appealing as my personal style became more important to my everyday life. Don’t we all pride ourselves a little bit on having a distinct sense of fashion, whether you lean towards tranquil neutrals or a more rock and roll edge? On top of embracing an unmistakable personal style, making the most of my time is really crucial; sometimes a Saturday morning yoga session needs to be followed by a trip to Trader Joe’s or even a brunch date. Making an outfit work for multiple occasions is a serious time saver, and should be a fashion statement as well.

So, trendy leggings in cute pastels and perfectly matching activewear sets are no longer reserved for the uber-fashionable yogis and SoulCycle instructors–they are designed for the person with a list of things to do before and after a workout. Integrating activewear into your everyday personal style can eliminate outfit changes and save you time, while also encouraging you to stay active.

While there are many brands that cater to active lifestyles, Free People’s new line, FP Movement, doesn’t just cater to one specific lifestyle, it creates a lifestyle centered around embracing wellness and balance, no matter what that means for you. FP Movement offers a range of styles to take you from a morning workout to an afternoon with girlfriends, and beyond. The line doesn’t expect all of its customers to be yoga-enthusiasts or cardio-junkies, but rather, any and all of the above. Whether you take your dog for long hikes in the mornings and prefer layering up or your fitness regime starts with a meditation session and ends with a track run, FP Movement has options for you.

Criss Cross Hoodie

Criss Cross Hoodie

Free People’s ethos as a brand has always emphasized the importance of community, which is explicitly expressed through the brand’s newest outpost in Park City, Utah (as well as the website’s customer ratings and reviews for every product–the details are incredibly helpful when making a purchase online). Surrounded by charming coffee shops, restaurants, and beautiful mountainous views, the new Free People store is centrally located, and sort of feels like a warm hug upon arrival. Customers are encouraged to relax in the boho-chic lounge area at the front of the store, or utilize the experienced staff to source items to try on. While the brand is still celebrated for its ethereal dresses that are perfect for Coachella and free-spirited styles, there has been a shift with the launch of FP Movement towards effortlessly transitional pieces, such as a statement leather jacket that can be worn over your high-rise leggings, allowing you to flawlessly head from the gym to the grocery store in style.

Youth To The People The Youth Minis Kit

Youth To The People The Youth Minis Kit

As mentioned above, FP Movement creates an entire lifestyle for Free People customers. So, along with apparel, the brand offers beauty and wellness products to help take you through the day with ease. From clean beauty brands like Youth to the People to luxury skincare brand Joanna Vargas, your next shelfie will not only be beautiful, but effective. Opt for an Elektric Alice Soy Quartz Crystal Candle to breathe good energy into your home so you start every single day with a positive outlook, whether you have a full day, or are taking it easy. End your day with a few drops of Vitruvi Lavender Essential Oil to relax before bed, or choose the Love Wellness Lights Out supplement to help give you the best sleep possible.

From day to night and from the cycling studio to a coffee date, Free People is working to make your lifestyle more stylish and a little bit more stress-free and we’re here for it.