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Try a 10-Day Customizable Reset Cleanse

The dynamic duo behind Sakara Life launch a 10-day cleanse that begins in your own kitchen

Ever since Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle changed the concept of nutritional delivery programs with the launch of their company, Sakara Life, celebrities and wellness junkies have been fawning over their plant-based meals. Now, the girls have launched a new program designed to help you feel your best in 10 days—but this time you’re the chef.

The 10-Day Reset marries the core philosophies of the Sakara Life nutrition program (beauty water, detox teas, probiotics) with 20 of the program’s most popular plant-based recipes that you can make at home. “Some people enjoy cooking for themselves, so our new program allows us to continue to be their nutritionist while they get to continue their chef skills,” says DuBoise. “This program is designed give you that glow in 10 days by healing the gut and flooding your body with all the nutrients it needs to feel and look its best.”

Photo credit: Lianna Tarantin for Sakara Life

Photo credit: Lianna Tarantin for Sakara Life

Start your morning by whipping up a mineral-rich beauty water, keep your energy up with plant protein-rich energy bars, and fuel your mind, body and soul with nutrient-dense meals that have become the favorites of Sakara Life devotees (butternut squash tacos are the girls’ favorite dinnertime recipe). “Studies have shown that your gut can begin to shift within days of switching your diet,” says Tingle. “You will absolutely see and feel a difference in your body in 10 days. Remember, your microbiome (that six pounds of bacteria living in your gut) is dictating almost everything about your health—from your mood, ability to lose or gain weight, energy levels, sex drive and skin clarity.