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Room Request! The Point Resort

You won’t ever want to leave this luxurustic, historic Adirondack estate

Perched along the sloping shore of Upper Saranac Lake, The Point is a true Great Camp, built nearly a century ago by William Avery Rockefeller as his family’s North Woods retreat. These days, the 75-acre property, which is located on a private peninsula, comprises 11 distinctive accommodations spread throughout four original log buildings.

All of the spacious rooms and suites, filled editorially with antiques and original 19th-century oil paintings, boast lake views, large stone fireplaces and handsomely appointed modern baths. Though one could blissfully wile away the hours indoors, the siren call of nature here is too compelling to ignore: Seasonal outdoor activities run the gamut from watersports, boating, tennis and fishing in warmer months to cross-country skiing, curling and snow-shoeing in the winter.

Curling on Upper Lake Saranac.

Curling on Upper Lake Saranac

In addition to the sublime surroundings and luxurious but cozy interiors, the on-site food and beverage program leaves nothing to be desired. Under the deft tutelage of the hotel’s executive chef, Loic Leperlier, a veteran of 3-Michelin star restaurants and 5-star resorts in Europe, dining at The Point is always a singular and celebratory indulgence. Guests can enjoy everything from a bespoke chef’s menu in the kitchen to a Saturday night black-tie communal dinner in the Great Hall—and pretty much anything in between. Not to mention refreshing libations, given that there are well-stocked bars tucked throughout the property.

Assiette of rabbit, fava beans, preserved lemon with pickled mustard seeds.

Assiette of rabbit, fava beans, preserved lemon with pickled mustard seeds

But perhaps most memorable of all is the welcoming, knowledgeable and professional staff, who anticipate a guest’s every whim long before it’s a faint glimmer in their mind. Guestroom fireplaces seem to be magically restocked with wood and kindling; ice buckets, mugs and glasses are refilled without one ever having to ask; even the gas tank of this visitor’s car was filled without mention before a much-delayed and painful departure. An inimitable experience from beginning to end.

Cameron Karger, The Point’s general manager, shares the inside scoop on the Relais & Châteaux property below.

Inside the Boathouse

Inside the Boathouse

The most requested room:
The Boathouse is definitely our most popular room, booking up a year to a year and a half in advance.

What makes it so special:
It is a large, beautiful room with a wraparound porch overlooking the lake with two swinging twin beds. It also has one of the most beautiful, newly renovated bathrooms on the property. The bed lies in the center of the room with no headboard or footboard, allowing the guest to decide each night if they would enjoy facing the fireplace or the lake.

The Boathouse bathroom

The Boathouse bathroom

The rate:
$3,500/night (based on double occupancy).

Your personal favorite:

It’s a very comfortable room combining both elegance and a rustic cabin feel. It’s a good-sized room, but not open, allowing for it to be very cozy and home-like. This was the master bedroom of the Rockefellers, which ties in a historic feel. 

Fun facts:
The Rockefellers were adamant about the pine panels in the Great Hall having no knots in them. It’s quite an elaborate feat considering the length and width of the panels. This is not something that will be able to be accomplished in today’s times. Whitney Point, where the lean-to (and campfire) now resides, was originally an island very close to the mainland. The Rockefellers had this small area filled in to connect the two. This filled in area is where the Boathouse was built.