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Inside Nespresso’s New High-Tech Boutique

The Upper East Side location is unlike any other coffeeshop

Nespresso’s newest boutique on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, located next to the Met Breuer, is not your average coffeeshop.

The multi-level boutique is reminiscent of the Apple Store—different stations allow guests to sample a range of the brand’s offerings. But instead of trying out an iPad, you’re brewing and tasting the newest blends from the brand. The design-centric store echoes the neighboring Met Breuer’s signature bold light fixtures, and showcases an interactive, recycled aluminum artwork by contemporary artist Daniel Rozin that reacts to the presence of the viewer.

Upon entering, coffee specialists greet you with a carefully selected tasting. Next, choose to move on to a side-by-side tasting, where you can compare the aromatic profiles of two coffees, or venture to the lower level’s Lab Kitchen, where an expert can help you elevate your coffee creations with tutorials in latte making.

Photo credit: Kristjan Veski for Nespresso

If you really want to take your coffee knowledge to the next level, sign up for a Masterclass in the Lab Kitchen, where an expert will take you through a guided lesson in coffee development, brewing and tasting. For the true coffee connoisseur, book a Masterclass that includes a sampling of Pure Origin coffees or for the Instagram-lover, pick the mastering milk class, where you’ll get the low-down on latte art.

Finally, make one last stop at the store’s take-away bar, which serves unique coffee creations like the decadent Honey Cinnamon Latte and elevated, on-the-go treats. See the space for yourself at the address below.

Nespresso Madison Boutique & Cafe

935 Madison Ave

New York, NY 10065

Main image credit: Kristjan Veski for Nespresso