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Room Request! Bulgari Hotel Milan

Check in to the most desired room at Italy’s beloved luxury destination

Stepping into the Bulgari Hotel Milan is like stepping into a country escape, far from the bustling streets of Milan. Located nearby via Montenapoleone, the property, whose rooms and lobby have recently undergone an overhaul, manages to feel intimate while still being generous in size. With its gorgeous garden area—often used as a private event space for Fashion Week parties—lobby restaurant, luxurious spa and gorgeously appointed rooms, the resort is the perfect place to get away from it all without leaving the heart of the city.

Upon checking into our room around midday, the hotel offered the most delicious fruit bar topped with powdered sugar as a welcome treat—we could have eaten five! More delectable snacks were on offer in the form of homemade cereal bars in the spa, where a relaxing but impactful 50-minute massage was the perfect antidote to a long flight.

The rooms themselves have been decorated in a quietly elegant yet luxurious manner. The thread count on the streets was decadent, the furniture well-placed and useful, and our particular room looked down on a garden where locals and visitors congregate at all hours of the day for lunch or a Bellini. The walk-in closet was roomy enough for our bags and the bathroom offered a fabulous soaking tub—complete with Bulgari incense and candles. Sadly, we only spent 40 hours at the resort, but we wish it had been much longer.

Below, Attilio Marro,  the Bulgari Hotel Milan General Manager and Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Director of Operations, tells us about the most sought-after room on the property:

Inside the Bulgari Hotel

Inside the Bulgari Hotel

The most requested room in the hotel:

“The most requested room is a room on the top floor, facing a private internal Milanese courtyard, with views over the Duomo and a beautiful terrace.”

What makes it so special?

“The room is extremely cozy and luminous, and the wrap-around terrace gives it a very residential feeling. Guests can indulge in utmost privacy.”

The rate:

“650 euros per night, plus tax.”

Inside the Bulgari Hotel

Celebrity guests:

“The secluded location on a private street in the middle of a 4,000-square-meter garden makes the hotel a true oasis in the heart of Milano—an ideal destination for celebrities due to its utmost privacy. For this reason, we are not used to disclosing any names however, a few celebs such as Julianne MooreNaomi Watts, Kirsten Dunst, Freida Pinto and Clive Owen have been recently shot at our hotel by various magazines.”

Your personal favorite:

“My favorite is one of our fully renovated one-bedroom superior suites facing the garden. There are three suites in that category.”

The pool and spa at Bulgari Hotel

The pool and spa at the Bulgari Hotel


“With floor to ceiling windows and a beautiful library, the suites are very homey.”

Fun fact:

“The hotel used to be a convent and the church converted into our bar and restaurant has floor to ceiling windows for a breathtaking view our amazing garden.”



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