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Inside a Cognition-Boosting Workout Pill from a Cupcake King

After helping to define the mid-aughts cupcake craze, Jason Bauer is revolutionizing the workout world

Launched six months ago, The GO Life is the brainchild of Jason Bauer, Adam Greenfield and Alex Cesaria. As its name suggests, the wellness brand is made by and for those on the go who are looking for that extra push. That push comes in the form of The GO Pill, their marquee product that promises a boost in both physical and cognitive abilities in just 30 to 45 minutes. As skeptical as such “magic” pills may make you, The GO Pill is being touted by everyone from Barry’s Bootcamp instructors to former Olympians as a safe, effective alternative to other energy boosters.

Made with “clean” ingredients like taurine, ginko leaf extract and caffeine, the brand’s websites cites claims likening its effects to those of Adderall. And the surprising tidbits about The GO Pill don’t end there; one of its founders, Jason Bauer, is best known for founding the not-so-wellness-focused Crumbs Bake Shop with his wife Mia in 2003 (the bakery chain shuttered in 2016). So we caught up with Bauer to get the scoop on his transition from just desserts to dietary supplements and how he’s helping others go from “fat to fit.”

GO co-founders Adam Greenfield, Jason Bauer and Alex Cesaria.

GO co-founders Adam Greenfield, Jason Bauer and Alex Cesaria.

What inspired you to transition from treats (Crumbs Bake Shop) to wellness with GO?

Crumbs was an amazing experience for my wife and me. We had an incredible 10-year run, opened 55 stores in nine states and created what was often referred to as “the cupcake craze.” We put gourmet cupcakes on the map and we’re humbled by the fan following and loyalty we built. It was a very surreal experience. After taking the company public in 2011, we exited in 2012 and sadly watched from the sidelines over the next few years as the brand suffered, but we will always have fond memories of that part of our life. After we exited, I had started to eat much healthier and was more interested in getting in shape and of course I started to wonder how I could turn my new passion into a business. I felt after 10-plus years of getting people fat, it was time to get them fit!

What (do you think) is the biggest misconception about fitness supplements?

There are few barriers to entry in manufacturing supplements and far too little regulation so it opens the door for subpar products. We chose to focus on only using the highest forms of clean, pure, FDA-approved ingredients with full transparency on all ingredients, not hidden “proprietary blends” that you often see on labels. The GO is a premium product geared towards an educated consumer who appreciates and demands this level of honesty and openness. That’s the first step in gaining consumers’ trust. Next, you must have a quality product that works and starts to build a buzz. That’s been the exciting part of launching The GO. Our reviews and testimonials early-on are a testament to the hard work we put into creating the product. The buzz is palpable as more people try GO and love the effects. Hearing how people are more active, more efficient and more productive while using The GO pushes us to work harder and keep pushing the envelope.

How do you and GO go about breaking stigmas about using supplements?

We have chosen a direct-to-consumer model to launch The GO. By being able to speak directly to our consumer, we have the ability to educate them and create a constant dialogue which helps gain their trust. We didn’t believe we would be able to achieve this through a traditional brick and mortar model so you won’t find The GO on retail shelves anywhere.

What has the response been like from everyone—from ‘everyday people’ living an active lifestyle, to trained fitness professionals?

We believe most people walk around at 60 percent productivity (at best) each day and that’s simply unacceptable. We take real time to educate consumers on The GO and its benefits. Once people try the product and see first-hand how it works and delivers what we call “focused energy,” we gain a loyal customer.

Since launching The GO six months ago, we have enjoyed watching the ground swell of excitement over the product. The common thread for our target customers are all peak performers focused on overall health, wellness and quality of life. They are looking for clean, safe solutions to boost energy and gain better focus and clarity in order to optimize their productivity and efficiency every day. At the gym, in the office or the busy on-the-go mom, The Go delivers what we call “focused energy” and puts you in the zone.

Our primary target customer, the elite and recreational fitness enthusiast, really enjoys The GO because they recognize the link between cognitive health and sports performance. We have also seen a surge of careerists and bio hackers as early adopters of The GO. Overwhelmingly, the response has been very encouraging and we are excited to continue to build the brand.

What does the future of GO hold?

Lots in the pipeline! Currently in R&D, we are working on a recovery product, a jet lag product, a pure focus nootropic, and some additional boosters we are very excited to bring to market. We also have a line of apparel called The GO Line in partnership with a well- known Madison Ave. designer. Stay tuned.