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See Inside Gina Rodriguez’s Housewarming Party

The Jane the Virgin star celebrates her first home with family, friends and Stella Artois

To celebrate the recent purchase of her first Los Angeles home, Golden Globe-winning actress Gina Rodriguez invited cameras to her housewarming party for an exclusive video in partnership with Stella Artois. In the video, the Jane the Virgin star can be seen floating around her home with the people she loves most (IRL), all the while enjoying a Stella Artois brew.

“They really did capture my heart, my family, and my home,” Rodriguez says of the crew she welcomed into her adorable abode—one she’s proud to show off. “Growing up third generation American, my parents came here from Puerto Rico to give us a really awesome life and education to have these opportunities. So for Stella Artois to capture this moment really meant a lot,” she says. Just as important to capture as the house itself, says Rodriguez, were her guests, friends and family alike, whom she credits with getting her to where she is today. “I call them warriors because they totally championed my career,” she says. “I’ve always felt like the underdog in my life, everything was always just a little bit harder. Being a woman, period, is always a journey in itself. But here was a chance for me to say, look, working hard does get you to where you want to be.”

The campaign ties together an iconic beverage with an equally iconic person, and aside from Rodriguez’s hosting skills, the campaign also aims to celebrate her legacy as one of the industry’s top actresses. Jane the Virgin’s fourth season recently premiered this month, which, says Rodriguez, will show Jane in a new light. “Jane has gone through so much, and she’s had great opportunities but had to overcome great challenges,” she says. “Now it’s something of Jane that I’ve been dying to give to fans for so long: the smiles and laughter and butterflies. There’s still the drama and the roller coasters, but there’s a lot of joy—a lot more than in the past seasons!”

That’s not to mention Rodriguez’s forthcoming big budget project, Annihilation (also starring Natalie Portman, Oscar Isaac and Jennifer Jason Leigh). The sci-fi thriller, set to premiere late February 2018, is as far from Rodriguez’s network TV roots as it gets. And after a taxing summer spent filming, Rodriguez was glad to be back down on earth with Jane the Virgin. “Every time I started feeling high and mighty or so over it and nonstop working, you remember, like, I am so lucky to be so busy, I’m so lucky for these opportunities right now. It was really a check for me, it checked me as a human being. And I went into season four with arms wide open.”

Below, see how Gina and Stella Artois embody the “My Home is Your Home” mantra and be sure to catch her on Jane the Virgin’s fourth season, now on The CW.

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