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A NYC Apartment’s Ultra-Luxe Secret

An impossibly cool, invite-only club hidden inside a private home

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Tucked away in New York City’s Meatpacking District is a sprawling apartment where Absolut Elyx CEO Jonas Tåhlin resides. But instead of hoarding the gorgeous space for himself, the devoted executive instead turned it partially into a “temple” to the brand. 

“We bought Mickey Rourke’s apartment in Meatpacking and designed it so you can step into the brand that is Elyx when you walk in there,” explains Tåhlin.

The home was made functional as an events space or after-hours hangout for the few (very lucky) guests who get private invites and kept livable for Tåhlin by a discreet divide.

“Half of it is the entertainment space that you see—that long dinner table, the couches, the kitchen, the library—and the other half that you can only enter through a trap door (you have to pull a specific book to get the door to open) is my private space,” says Tåhlin. 

The décor, described by Tåhlin as “raw-luxe,” has leather and velvet touches as well as Elyx’s signature copper detailing. Visitors are treated to delicious cocktails served up by a pro mixologist and food served by a chef flown in from the brand’s native Sweden.

So how do you get on the guest list at New York City’s most exclusive hangout? 

“It’s my private entertaining lair for people that I know and like,” says Tåhlin. “They get invitations by being utterly cool and interesting people.”