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Discover the Dating App for Social Media-Shy People

Escape the cult of self-promotion with the woman-run Wingman

During its U.S. launch in April 2017, the, “the dating app that lets you play matchmaker for your friends,” introduced a third party to the game of digital matchmaking. Yet as founder and CEO Tina Wilson has come to realize, there is actually a lesser known trick up her app’s digitized sleeves. Specifically, a trick that works in favor of users who are successful.

Launched in April of 2017, Wingman allows your friends and family to be your digital wingmen and wingwomen; in addition to helping to create your dating profile, they are also key decision makers when it comes to who you’re matched with (though each user has the final say when it comes to who they chat and eventually meet in person).

Since your friends bear the brunt of the selection process, the app’s model lessens the sting of rejection, founder and CEO Tina Wilson explains. But there’s another layer to what makes Wingman unique; Wilson claims that, given the format that allows others to be your cheerleader, users can broadcast all their best qualities without feeling the narcissism and self-promotion that the social media era often breeds.

And while control freaks may recoil at the thought of allowing others to dictate their dating lives, Wilson says the crowdsourced structure actually increases the likelihood that they’ll find someone worth dating. “If you could have someone just say it for you—like, she’s always been the smartest in the class, and now she’s a model and a veterinarian—it’s not gushing, but because these people love you, it comes across,” she says.

Today’s dating apps are overrun run by swipes and fateful one-liners that come across as clever advertising rather than geniune emotion. So with minimal time or energy to engage, why not leave it to the people you love most to pick your date? And more importantly, why not leave the bragging to them?

Image Courtesy of Pinterest.com