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Room Request! Château Monfort, Milan

Live out your most opulent fairytale fantasies

Say you were the whimsical sort, and say you were to walk into the lobby of the Château Monfort in downtown Milan, there’s a very good chance that you just might be submerged in a fantasy of Hans Christian Andersen proportions. They don’t call the hotel an “urban castle” for nothing. Home to a wealthy Italian family for the past century, when the Château Monfort was acquired it seemed only natural that the “castle-ness” of the place would be reserved—indeed, enhanced. There are winding hallways one can imagine tip-toeing through with a candle in the dead of night, corner bedrooms with sloping ceilings, beds with draping canopies and windows you can throw open in the morning to belt joyful tunes at unsuspecting passersby below. The basement spa (had to be a dungeon back in the day) has been transformed into an oasis of relaxation, with a sauna, steam room, waterfall fountain, shimmering blue soaking pool and a relaxation and massage room that calls to mind a sultan’s private quarters. And that’s one key bonus to whatever fairytale fantasy you might harbor during your stay at the Château Monfort—you can bet it will include luxury and service fit for any princess living out her fairytale ending.

Here, General Manager Mr. Stefano Risolé shares a little about the Château Monfort.

The most requested room:
The Executive “Hibiscus” Room.

Executive “Hibiscus” Room

What makes it so special: 
The vibrant colors, the furniture, the bed with the flower cut-out canopy and the huge shower—with a lacquered floral print on the glass. It’s the ultimate romantic getaway.

The rate:
From €280 per night

Your personal favorite:
The Boheme Suite

The Boheme Suite

The décor of the room is all white, with soft lighting and a ceiling that slopes so one feels as if they’re in the attic bedroom of a castle. The room recaptures the atmosphere of bohemian fairytale.

Château Monfort, Milan

Fun fact:
We have a little fairytale of our own here at Château Monfort, about a rabbit named “Juan Lapin” who was enchanted by a magician who once lived here, and we like to pretend that the little rabbit Juan Rabbit is always running around.