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How to Celebrate the Sinatra Centennial

Whiskey, watches and even an Uber ride

A year-long birthday celebration seems like the sort of thing even the most formidable of divas couldn’t get away with—so maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the person who did pull it off is widely considered the most charming man of the 20thcentury: Frank Sinatra. And a year-long celebration is exactly what 2015—the year Sinatra would have turned 100—has been.

There was an HBO documentary that tilled unknown territories of the icon’s life, an exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum, a star-studded tribute concert in Vegas, and even an auction at which Sinatra’s “little black book” of Jazz Age jet-setting contacts sold for $8,960—not to mention, of course, all the re-mastered compilations of The Chairman’s classics hits. But this has all just been warm-up for the main event. December 12th is Sinatra’s actual birthday, and we’ve put together a few ways to celebrate. Whether you like a good book, a good drink, a good timepiece or a good night out on the town, there’s a little something for everyone to swoon over.

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century 

Sinatra had a long love affair with Jack Daniels. He discovered Jack so early in the Tennessee company’s life, in fact, that not long after he began touting the brand he had trouble finding any for himself. The Sinatra family pitched in on the conception of their namesake premium whiskey, and the result is a legendary taste—100 years in the making, you could say. 

Raymond Weil’s Maestro Frank Sinatra

Raymond Weil’s Maestro Frank Sinatra

Raymond Weil’s Maestro Frank Sinatra 

The Swiss maker of timepieces has unveiled a watch that tributes Sinatra’s timeless elegance.

"Sinatra 100" by Charles Pignone

“Sinatra 100” by Charles Pignone

Sinatra 100, by Charles Pignone 

A visual journey through the life of the iconic entertainer, Sinatra’s three children helped Charles Pignone to compile this deeply intimate and all-encompassing collection of photographs—many of which have never been seen before.

"Sinatra’s Century: One Hundred Notes on the Man and His World" by David Lehman

“Sinatra’s Century: One Hundred Notes on the Man and His World” by David Lehman

Sinatra’s Century: One Hundred Notes on the Man and His World, by David Lehman 

One hundred heartfelt vignettes on the poetry of Sinatra, from one of the most acclaimed voices in the poetry world today, David Lehman. 

Uber's Frank Sinatra promotion

Uber’s Frank Sinatra promotion

Uber Feat. Sinatra

On Sinatra’s birthday—Saturday, December 12th—Uber will be offering a very suave lift to New Yorkers hoping to catch a ride in Sinatra style. In Manhattan, between noon and 8pm, fans can use the promo code FRANKSFLEET to request a free ride in a classic vintage vehicle.

Michael Arenella’s Winter Ball and Jazz Age Tea Dance

Michael Arenella’s Winter Ball and Jazz Age Tea Dance

Michael Arenella’s Winter Ball and Jazz Age Tea Dance

There are glitzy tribute concerts to be watched for Ol’ Blue Eyes, sure, but if you really want to step into the swing of the early Sinatra years, there’s no better way than to put on your flapper dress and foxtrot into the nostalgic world of Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra. Having made waves with his hugely popular Jazz Age Lawn Party, Arenella now recreates the glamour of the 1920s with an annual Winter Ball (Saturday evening of the 12th). And this Sunday, for the first time, he’ll also be hosting an afternoon Jazz Age Tea Dance with a live Big Band, dancing, cocktails, and of course, tea service. The Tea Dance will be held at The Webster, a vintage dancehall-turned music venue where where Sinatra himself performed.

Main image courtesy of Sinatra 100, by Charles Pignone