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Room Request! The Carlton Hotel St. Moritz

Step inside the most sought-after room at one of Switzerland’s chicest ski resorts

The tony ski town of St. Moritz is home to a number of five-star accommodations, but there’s a reason why well-heeled guests have been loyally frequenting The Carlton Hotel for more than 100 years. Beyond the hotel’s remarkable location (it has views of St. Mortiz Lake and the Swiss Alps) the intimate property has a ski school on-site, an award-winning spa that spans nearly 13,000 square feet and butlers catering to every guest need. 

And then of course, there’s the restaurant, Da Vittorio—a seasonal spin-off of the eponymous establishment in Brusaporto, Italy, which currently boasts three Michelin stars. Chef/brother duo Enrico and Roberto Cerea churn out some of the best dishes in town and reservations are often hard to come by. 

The hotel, a member of Leading Hotels of the World, consists of all suites—60 of them, to be exact—and while each is magnificent in its own right, The Carlton’s General Manager Dominic Bachofen doesn’t mind playing favorites. Below, Bachofen shares his personal pick, plus the room guests request most often.

Carlton exterior

Carlton exterior

The most requested room:
Junior Suites, specifically the Chagall and Kandinsky suites.

What makes it so special: 
The art suites at our hotel are inspired by two great Russian artists: Chagall and Kandinsky. The Chagall Suite and the Kandinsky Suite feature expressionist wall paintings combined with remarkable pieces of furniture, evoking the character of a playful and romantic artist’s studio.  

Celebrity guests:
You may understand that we ensure our guests the privacy they are entitled to get and therefore we cannot disclose any names. However, I can say we have the most amazing combination of travelers from all over the world.

Carlton Penthouse

Carlton Penthouse

The rate:
Around $2,000/night.

Your personal favorite:
The amazing Carlton Penthouse at the very top of the Carlton Hotel.

…it’s unique. The Carlton Penthouse, exclusively designed by Swiss Interior Designer Carlo Rampazzi, is located on the top floor of the hotel and spreads over 4,150 square feet overlooking the frozen lake, the Engadine mountain scenery and the village of St. Moritz. It is designed for families and can be easily shared with friends up to 6 guests and radiate an incredible well-being.

Junior Suite

Junior Suite

Fun fact:
Visitors staying in the Chagall and Kandinsky Suites are encouraged to channel their inner artists—the hotel offers a brush and easel, enabling guests to turn their suite into a private painting studio.