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Flywheel Kicks into High Gear

The revolutionary indoor cycling brand has some exciting news

Flywheel has always been a leader of the indoor cycling pack, but to keep up with high-tech times and ever-changing fitness trends, the brand is unveiling changes that will impress even the most jaded spin enthusiasts.

The website and app are getting a refresh: Auto-book capabilities sign you up for your favorite classes as soon as the reservation windows open; suggested classes help you find more of what you love; and advanced instructor profiles help riders find fitness pros that they know they’ll connect with.

The new Flywheel website

Now more user-friendly than ever before, the upgrades were necessary to keep up with the proverbial Joneses.

“We’re always seeking new ways to allow our riders to interact with data both inside and outside the stadium; from day one, it’s been a crucial component of who we are,” says Flywheel Founder Ruth Zukerman.

In the studios, the brand has had a bit of a makeover as well. 

The classic Tech Pack now greets riders by first name—très chic! And instructor dashboards also have more information about each spinner, so they can better personalize your ride.

New Flywheel rider dashboards

Finally, the addition of two new classes will expand the practices of seasoned spinners and newbies alike. Power 30 (aptly named for its half-hour length) is a speedier class meant for fitness buffs on the go, and Flybeats is a high-tech rhythm ride. 

From start to finish, the experience is meant to improve the rider’s physical and mental wellbeing

“At Flywheel, the minute the (carefully curated) music starts and the lights go down, riders are meant to feel transported, challenged and, ultimately, elated,” says Zukerman. “The experience is a cathartic mental release, and riders often don’t realize how hard they’re working.” 

Let the sweat sessions begin!