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Room Request! Cabo’s Capella Pedregal

Take a peek inside the most requested room at this Mexican mountainside oasis

The entrance to Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas is extraordinary to say the least—and that’s exactly what the property’s developer had in mind when it was built five years ago. The beachfront hotel’s 96 rooms, spa and restaurant are only accessible via a 1,000 foot-long tunnel carved into Pedregal mountain—a process that took three years to complete. But perhaps the only thing more memorable than Capella Pedregal’s dramatic entrance is its stunning suites, and there’s one in particular that guests request most. The hotel’s General Manager John Volponi takes us for a tour inside.

Most requested room in the hotel:

“Definitely our Beachfront suites. We have six of them.” 

What makes it special: 

“It’s a two-level villa with three bedrooms. In the bathroom, there’s a window over the tub that looks out onto the ocean. The sinks are hand-painted and the bathroom tiles are hand-crafted in Guadalajara. The suite has its own fireplace, terrace and balcony, plus you get your own private section of the beach and personal butler. It has fantastic views of the ocean as well—you step outside your door and your feet are in the sand.”

The rate: 

The 3-bedroom beachfront suite averages $6,000-$7,-000/night. The 2-bedroom is $5,000/night.

The Presidential Suite

Your personal favorite: 

Other than the beachfront rooms, it would have to be one of our Estrella suites.”


“It’s the corner suite on the very top floor. It has two terraces and an outdoor fire pit. The views are amazing.”

Celebrity guests: 

We really try to create privacy for our guests, so we don’t disclose any names.”

Fun fact: 

We’re separated from the town of Cabo by the Pedregal mountain, so the only way you could access the property is through this tunnel that took three years to build. The whole time you’re driving through the tunnel you can see the Pacific Ocean in front of you. The interior of the tunnel is lined with wrought-iron chandeliers, and at night there are big torches that are lit on either side of the exit, so it almost has a medieval feel. When you come through the tunnel and arrive at the hotel, you feel like you’re in a separate world.


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