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Room Request! BeTulum

A tropical retreat promises unprecedented luxury on the Caribbean coast of Mexico

Stepping into the palm-tree-shaded paradise of BeTulum—a boutique hotel in Quintana Roo, Mexico—guests are at once transported to an alternate universe, where margaritas appear out of thin air and time moves slowly. 

A typical day at BeTulum goes something like this: roll out of bed at 10, stumble to breakfast, sip on a freshly-blended green juice and indulge in an order of Mexican-style scrambled eggs, or better yet, chilaquiles (the traditional dish comprised of nachos, salsa and cheese.) After a leisurely meal, you’ll make your way to the beach and get situated on a daybed, then go for a swim in the postcard-perfect Caribbean before ordering your first cocktail of the day—a margarita, of course. For lunch? It’s all about the ceviche. After a few more hours of sunning, swimming and snoozing, you might consider taking yoga at 5pm (classes are offered twice daily), then unwinding in your outdoor shower, private pool or jacuzzi (Ocean Suites have all three.) With just 20 rooms, BeTulum is often sold out—especially during high season—so the hotel’s owners decided to add a second property called Nomade Hotel next door. The just-opened boutique is an equally chic alternative, and guests can go back and forth between the two.

Considering its location in the hipster haven of Tulum—where most hotels eschew air conditioning in favor of a “no frills” approach to hospitality—BeTulum is something of an anomaly. It’s one of the area’s most luxurious properties, catering to those who long for an authentic “Tulum experience,” without sacrificing five-star service (or air conditioning, for that matter.) Each room at the all-suite hotel has unique selling points, but one in particular stands out from the rest. Here, Ana Martin Vila, the hotel’s General Manager, weighs in on BeTulum’s most requested retreat.

The most requested room:

The Ocean Suite.


What makes it so special:

You can enjoy a private tub and a private pool with the view of the Caribbean. These suites include a big terrace where our guests can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. It faces the ocean and the jungle side of Tulum. 

Celebrity guests:

It’s our priority to keep them a secret. That’s why they keep on coming here.


The rate:

Starts at $480/night.

Your personal favorite:

I have a few—the jungle suites on the ground level and first floor.



You can enjoy the spirit of the jungle while being so close to the beach. There are palms climbing through the terraces of the rooms and outdoor showers surrounded by vegetation.

Fun Facts:

Be Tulum’s philosophy is to make guests feel at home, so people leave the hotel with the feeling of leaving a second family. Our spa Yäan Energy Wellness has meditation classes, healing water circuits, sweat lodge ceremonies and unique experiences based on the moon cycles.