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The 5 Most Luxurious Nudist Resorts

A vacation to free your mind and your body

Nude resorts are no longer solely for naturists (or your “just curious” Uncle Bob). With clothing-optional luxury lodgings popping up all over the world, people who’d usually pack a suitcase full of Vilebrequins and Trina Turks are being tempted to travel a little more lightly. 

The following adults-only resorts have everything your dream getaway does: quality restaurants, complete and utter privacy, tasteful décor, beautiful pools, stretches of reserved sand and cellars full of award-winning wines—how else do they expect to convince the prudes to go nude? 

Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica
Feeling shy about curious locals? At this resort on the coast of Ocho Rios, nude enthusiasts get their own island. Boom. Tower Isle is a short boat ride away from the main resort and is clothing-optional. After lounging by the pool in your birthday suit under a cabana, head back to mainland for some golf or tennis. Then enjoy a farm-to-table meal at the on-site restaurant—even remote nudist islands have them these days.

Hidden Beach Resort, Mexico 
Hidden Beach is an au natural five-star resort in Riviera Maya. Here, you can also dine in the nude because eating naked means not having to risk staining your clothes. Or something. Swim-up rooms, in-room Jacuzzis, private pools in the presidential suites, massages under beach palapas and a lazy river are just a few of the hotel’s high-end amenities. 

Ventana Inn and Spa, California
Think of this as the beginner’s nudist resort. Ventana Inn looks like a lavish cabin, with wooden accents and high ceilings, and its mentality is more “Go nude if you feel like it” and not “For the love of God, take your underwear off!” The property has two pools, one of which is clothing optional, both of which have Japanese hot baths. The on-site restaurant attracts locals and visitors alike, partially because of its award-winning wine list. 

Desire Pearl Resort and Spa, Mexico
Probably the most extreme nudist resort, Desire Pearl not only encourages naked vacationing, they also encourage … well … let’s just say they’re OK with PDA. Burlesque shows prevail as the predominant form of entertainment, which comes as a surprise to literally no one here.

Couples Sans Souci, Jamaica
Set right in the rainforest, Couples Sans Souci boasts waterfalls, grottos and a separate nude beach where clothing is prohibited. Guests can expect hot tubs, balconies, Gilchrist & Soames bath amenities and romance around every corner (especially the corners that lead to the nude beach).